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Jackin' With Corey

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I still remember Corey. We were great buddies for years. It seems like we would never NOT be friends, but here it is, some 25 years later and I think about him quite a lot. I know it must be sick, but I usually think about how we used to jack off together all the time and how excited I got when we were together on our way to one of our favorite jacking off places.
I think about him every time I pull it out now, 25 years later. Sure, I think about girls too. Somewhere in there, no matter what, I get to thinking about Corey and all the things we did back when we were kids.
I wish I could go back there and do all those things again.
It all started one morning when Corey called me up on the phone, begging me to come down to check out some funny cards he'd found floating in a coffee can in a creek. I excused myself from everybody, wondering what Corey was all flustered about. We went to an old junk car and got in, but it wasn't particularily cold out. He took out a coffee can. Inside there was a deck of naked lady playing cards. He looked at them and handed me about hlaf to look at. In no time I was hard as a rock. I looked over and saw the he had a little boner. I started thinking about jacking off, which I did every chance I got. The prospect of jacking off with Corey was completely intoxicating. The next thing I knew, I had made up my mind to tell him about jacking off. I told him that I was hard down there and he said he was too. I pulled mine out and explained that if I rubbed it in a certain way, after awhile it felt really great. I started jacking off. Corey attempted to copy what I was doing and I really liked that. He was watching me and trying to do what I was doing. Finally, he got it right and I could tell he liked it very much.
We jacked off like that for awhile until I got the idea to 'trade dicks.' It felt nice to masturbate my friend. I liked his hand right where it was, as he did the same to me. His penis was much smaller than mine. He had no hair. I could tell he wondered why mine was so much bigger and I had hair. I don't know why, but I got scared and made up an excuse to go home. I jacked off later thinking about the whole thing. I wished I had stayed.
The next day Corey was at the door and we went to the woods about a hundred miles until we found a secluded spot. We were talking about jacking off, but neither of us wanted to mention doing it first. I could tell he brought the cards along, so I got good and comfy against a tree and began to rub my crotch. In a few minutes we were pounding away. This time I showed him what I knew about a blow job, which wasn't much. I sucked on the end of his dick for a minute and then he did the same to me. We jacked off and when I came, the stuff went absolutely everywhere. Some of it went onto my friend's face. At first he said: 'Gross...' I wiped some off and tasted it. He thought that was cool and did the same. After that, we both sort of held each other, jacked off once more, got scared and ran our separate ways.
We jacked off a thousand times after that. We did it in his bed. We did it everywhere in the woods. In fields. In abandoned houses. I remember calling him one day because my parents were gone and I had about ten million prono books to share with my bud. I really wanted him to come up and jack off. I wanted to fuck him in the ass, because I had a bottle of lotion ready if I ever got up the nerve to say something. I never did. I did manage to say that I wanted to give him a blow job just before he came, because I didn't want his stuff to go to waste. After ten more minutes of heavy pounding, he stoped and asked if I still wanted to do 'that thing.' Of course, I did! I got between his legs and put his dick in my mouth and sucked away while Corey continued to masturbate. He came and I swallowed. I came all over his underwear.
The next time we jacked off was when I was a senior in high school and Corey was two years behind. Two years younger. We got together for a little camp out for a weekend and
it was the weekend I always think about now when I jack off. I think about being in the tent together, jacking off, sucking each other off under somebody blew a load and the other one drank it down. I laid him on his stomach and took him from behind for the first time, and I was a goner. The next morning, we awoke and just starting kissing and fondeling and one thing led to another and we ended up going at it for another hour. That was our last time together. Shortly thereafter Corey moved to Seattle and I was left to play with myself.



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