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Jackin' and Jillin' With Mom

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Life's so much better when you have a loving Mom!


Before I get on with this story, let me give you a little family history. Mom was only 16 when my sister Linda was born, I followed just over a year later. We are the only kids my folks had. Dad went into the Army shortly after Linda was born and got into the growing electronics field. This was really good because after he did his hitch he landed a job with 'a major electronics manufacturer.' His new-found expertise in electronics and his likeable personality allowed him to work into a pretty good position with the sales section of the company and we were able to move into a nice ranch-style home in central California. We weren't rich, mind you. Mom didn't drive a Mercedes or a Jag, but she did have a nice convertible Impala. And Mom was worth it. She was a looker. I remember when Dad would have those 'Sales Parties' at our house every now and then and Mom would dress up in her best. Didn't hurt Dad's sales any having a woman that looked like Mom hanging on his arm. Mom wasn't Sophia Loren, but she could hold her own against Natalie Wood and Ann Margaret. Anyway, Dad's work would take him away from home a lot, travelling to Chicago, New York, Dallas and the like. It was on one of those trips, several years later, that was taking about three weeks, that this story occurred.

It was mid-September when I was 19. We were in an Indian Summer, the temperature was in the high 80's. Linda was visiting one of her friends for the weekend, which left just Mom and me at the house. I had just come home from swimming on the Saturday, I was on the team. I noticed that Mom was out in her garden, working on her flowers. She was wearing a pair of short-shorts, a linen halter-top and one of those big straw hats. I walked over to her and told her that after my shower I would go ahead and do the laundry for her so she could finish her gardening. She smiled at me and said 'That would be nice, thank you Marcus.' I went inside and took my shower and after getting into some cut-off jeans, gathered up the clothes and towels and started the wash.

After the whites were done I folded them up and decided, what the hey, I may as well put them away while I'm waiting for the rest of the stuff to wash. I put away Linda's and my stuff and then went into Mom's room to take care of hers. I pulled open Mom's 'intimates' drawer a little too far and the back came out the dresser. Everything came crashing down onto the floor! Still holding the drawer handle, I slid it back into the dresser and began picking up the clothes. In the pile of silken panties I found a small leather-bound book. Typical curious guy that I was, I opened it up to find it filled with Poloroids of Mom and Dad, but they were naked!! At first I thought I shouldn't really be looking at these, but I couldn't resist. Most of the shots were of Mom. Some had her dressed in peek-a-boo undies and some she was in very explicit positions. As I stood there turning the pages my cock grew to full height, straining against the denim of my cut-offs.

Wow, Mom really did look good!! She had kept herself in pretty good shape and these photos really showed it!!! I was about halfway through the album when suddenly a soft voice from behind me said 'Do you like what you see?' I looked up into the dresser mirror to see Mom standing in the doorway! She was casually leaning against the jamb with her arms crossed under her breasts. Beads of perspiration were slowly running down into her cleavage. I slapped the album closed and held it behind me as I turned around to face her. I forgot about my raging hard-on and when I turned Mom looked down at the bulge in my crotch and said 'I guess that pretty much tells it, doesn't it?' Blushing with embarrassment I snapped back around, hiding my erection with the album. Mom came walking up behind. 'It's all right Marcus, there's nothing to feel ashamed about. Here, let's look at it together.' With that she gently took the book from my hands and placed it on her dresser.

She opened it a few pages from the front, reaching around me to turn the pages. She pressed against my back to reach them. Her breasts were pressed into my shoulders, the perspiration moistening my bare back. 'Do you like this one, baby? Or this one here?' she asked as the pages turned. I knew this was my Mom, but the presence of her against me, the smell of her, the soft, erratic breathing in my ear was really heating me up. 'Why don't you show me the ones you like' she then said. As I reached for the page, her hand covered the bulge in my cut-offs. I almost came there and then!!! I glanced up into the dresser mirror and saw that Mom's eyes were partially closed, with a look on her face that I had never seen before. 'Come on baby, show Momma what you really like about her' she said as she slowly unzipped my fly. My hard-on was now only held back by the soft cotton of my underwear. With her eyes almost totally closed now and her breathing coming in shuddering, soft gasps, she reached through the fly of my drawers and wrapped her hand around my engorged cock.

I couldn't contain myself anymore and began gushing cum. My throbbing cock pulsed in her grip, the thick cum oozing down her hand. 'Oh poor baby,' she said as she withdrew her hand. 'My sweet little boy isn't so little any more is he? But he is still so sweet' as she licked my cum from the back of her hand. 'Come here baby, let me make it all better for you' she said as she took me by the hand and walked to the edge of the bed. 'Now you do just as I say, and everything will be just fine. First let's take care of those wet clothes.' As I stood there trembling, she undid the button of my cut-offs and slid them down to my feet. My hard-on had not melted yet and was still straining against my drawers. 'Let's take care of these too' she said as she slid them to my ankles. I stood there in my nakedness, my erection full and strong, Mom staring straight at it. 'I guess I should take care of my wet things, too' she said. She slowly stood up and that's when I saw the dark, moist area at the front of her short-shorts. She was as turned on as I was!!

She hooked her thumbs into the waist of the shorts and gently slid them down her hips. Her mound became visible, as she wasn't wearing any panties!!! The way it was glistening with Mom's own juices drew my attention even closer. Mom laid down on the edge of the bed with her legs down to the floor. 'Stand closer to me' she said. I haltingly moved between her spread legs, the lips of her vagina peeking through her wet bush. Her hand moved down and covered her mound, slowly running up and down the dark slit between the lips. 'Do you like what you see now?' she asked. I was speechless, but nodded my head. 'Show me how much you like what you see. Come on, show me.' This was amazing! Here I was jacking myself in front of my own Mother while she was jilling!!!

As I stroked my aching cock she rubbed her bush in time with me. Our breathing became harsh and panting as we both stroked faster, and faster. Her breasts were heaving and in a couple of minutes we were both near the edge. 'I'm going to cum!' I said, as I felt the swelling in my balls. 'Come for me baby! Come for her!' she said. Her hips started to buck as she writhed under the stroking of her hand. I couldn't hold back anymore. 'I'm coming!!' I groaned as I shot my load out onto her belly and up onto her halter top!!!! Mom's hips drew up tight into her hand as she arched up into a shuddering orgasm, her breath coming in quick, sharp gasps!

A minute later, Mom eased herself from the bed and squeezed the last couple drops of cum from my deflating cock. 'That's my big boy' she said as she licked it from her fingers. 'Go clean-up while I shower off.' And with that she strolled into the bathroom. I picked up my clothes and in a dream-like state went back to my room. After putting on some dry clothes I ran through my mind what had just happened. Who would've believed it, that Mom was that hot? As time went on, Dad's trips out of town weren't so hard to handle, and Mom continued to handle her big boy.



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