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Jacked Off in Plain Sight

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I had completely forgotten this experience but a recently posted story in Solo brought it back to me.


For several years I had a very unusual relationship with a woman who was much younger than I was. When we first started seeing one another I was about 15 years older than she was. She was definitely of legal age...as I recall she was about 28 when we began our relationship.
It didn't take us long to progress to a full sexual relationship but we both knew it was nothing more than a 'fuckbuddy' kind of thing and had no future. She was obviously looking for a more permanent relationship and after a year or so she moved in with a guy. However, we continued to see each other as 'friends.' She was a hairdresser and would come to my house to cut my hair and that continued even after she hooked up with the other guy.
She wouldn't fuck me as long as she was with this other guy but she would jack me off. She was fascinated by masturbation....more so than any woman I have known. I had posted a previous story about a time she brought a girl friend to my house and I jacked off for both of them.
Anyway, on this particular occasion, she had come to my condo, which was on the third floor of a building that had nine units, three on each floor. My place was quite elaborate and had a large balcony that stretched around two sides of the unit. One side faced onto a wooded area but did overlook a street.
On this particular day, we had finished the haircut portion and had been lazing around...and getting increasingly horny. I had stripped off my clothes....as I commonly did when she was there...being somewhat of an exhibitionist. We were sitting on the floor and I was trying to coax her into stripping down too. Finally, she took her clothes off. Although not a raving beauty, she did have a very, very nice figure. Beautiful legs, a perfect butt, narrow waist, and nicely formed breasts. I just loved to look at her body. As we lay there together on the floor, I looked at her body and stroked my hard penis.
She said it was too nice outside to be wasting our time indoors....why didn't we go out on the balcony? I was a little hesitant to do this since if any of the neighbors saw me, I would have to deal with that on a continuing basis but since she didn't live there it was no big deal to her. She started needling me about being too chicken to go outside onto the balcony. Finally, I figured what the hell...there wasn't too much of a chance of anyone seeing me. If somebody did drive by and happen to look up, there is a possibility that they might see us but I thought it was unlikely. There was only a sidewalk on my building's side of the street and the angle was too steep for anyone to see us on a third floor balcony. In the unlikely event that someone might be in the wooded area across the street, which was hilly and parts of it were on a plane with my balcony, they could for sure see us. But I had been living there for several years and had never seen anyone in the woods.
So we went out to the balcony. I had a table and chairs there and we sat in the chairs side by side facing the street. I had taken a large beach towel with me so that if I need to cover up quickly I could...mainly to hide my straining cock which by now was very, very excited. She didn't bother with anything because I guess a naked woman is a lot less shocking than a guy with a massive hard-on.
At this point, I had been hard for close to an hour and had been stroking my prick off and on the whole time. She had given it a few strokes on occasion but mostly just watched me play with myself. Once we were on the balcony, my prick was screaming for attention and I told her that she need to give it some action.
She was a very accomplished hand job artist and just knew perfectly how to play my cock. She reached over and started expertly stroking my cock with one hand and fondled my balls with the other. She had a little bottle of Astro-Glide and she coated my prick with it. I slid down in the seat a little bit and she knew what I wanted. She took her hand off my nuts for a second and wiped one finger over my prick to lube it up. Her hand went back to my balls while one finger found its way to my butt hole. It slid right in. Her other hand continued to slide up an down my raging prick....ready to erupt any second. She knew intuitively when I was close to cumming so she slowed down her stroking to make it last. She kept this up for close to 20 minutes. I would never have been able to last that long if I had been jacking myself off. In fact I came close to grabbing my prick and finishing myself off.
Finally, I could hold back no longer and she knew it and started furiously pumping my prick while her finger went in and out of my asshole. My cock suddenly shot an extremely long rope of cum that went right over the balcony railing and a second one followed it, this time not clearing the top railing but going between the top and second rail. Several more weaker shots followed that landed on the balcony floor and my thighs as well as her hand.
One of the things I loved about her hand jobs is she never quit or even slowed down once I started spurting. She would keep on pumping until every last drop of cum was squeezed out and even then would keep stroking until I literally had to pull her hands off my cock because the feeling was so intense I couldn't stand it.
I cleaned the cum off of me and her hands with the towel and then wrapped the towel around my waist and looked over the railing. The balcony on the second floor was directly under mine but the ground floor had a patio that extended out farther than my balcony. I looked down and saw very clear splatters of cum on a patio table directly below me. I was hoping that whoever lived there (I didn't know them) wouldn't recognize what it was and come knocking on my door. Nothing ever came of it fortunately.
I had many more interesting experiences with this woman but always was somewhat amazed at how she could feel ok about jacking me off when she was supposedly in love with this other guy.



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