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Jack Likes Jacking

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This neighborhood welcumming was much better than the jello mould from the old lady across the hall.


I moved into my apartment on Saturday. it was cheap and all I could afford. my bedroom window looks out onto an alley way and I can see right into the apartment in the next building over.

I was unpacking my things in my bedroom when I saw my dildo in the bottom of the box. I hadn't used it in so long. I hadn't had a real cock in at least four months. I slowly began a strip tease for myself. It wasn't long before I was laying naked spread eagle on my bed circling my clit with my wet finger. I lubed up the large dildo and slowly slid it in my aching pussy. Chills went up my spine as I felt it slide in me. I began to pump it in and out as I reached for my vibrating back massager to put on my clit. As soon at the vibrator hit my clit I began to moan. Louder and louder as my pussy squeezed the dildo, my whole body tensed and I squirted juices all over the floor. After a minute of just laying on my bed regaining my strength I got up. I looked out the window and to my horrifying surprise, I saw my neighbor jacking off in the apartment across the alley. He cummed on the window and I gasped. He had seen me and he seemed to have no problem with being seen. He smiled and wiped up the window.

The next day I was feeling adventurous and quite horny again. I put on my sexy but casual outfit and walked over to the next apartment building. My jacking neighbor lived in the corner apartment so finding his door wasn't hard. I knocked on the door and my neighbor answered. He was even better looking up close. 6'1', dark brown hair, piercing blue eyes, toned body. When I saw him in the window he was wearing clothes and just had his pants down around his ankles so I couldn't see the rest of him. He answered the door wearing jeans, and only jeans. 'Hi, I'm Christy' I said 'Jack' he replied. I thought it was funny that his name was Jack and the first time I saw him he was jacking. 'So is that how you welcome all the new neighbors or just me?' I said. 'Well you gave me quite a show, some things just needed to be done.' he smiled. 'Well next time I'll do them for you.' I said.

He gently grabbed me by the waist and pulled me in. I could smell his cologne which was amazing and made me even hornier than being this close to a half naked sexy man did. The closer I got the more I could start to feel the bulge in his pants. It wasn't quite fully hard yet. 'Well I think I need you now.' he said. His hands moved down and cupped my ass. I put my hand on his jeans button and slowly unzipped his zipper. His jeans fell around his ankles and he stepped out of them. I gently kissed his neck and groaned in his ear. 'I need you more.' I said as I ripped off my shirt. He was feeling my breasts and unhooked my bra. Within seconds my pants were off and my underwear. Once his boxers were off he carried me over to his reclining chair, sat me down, sat on top of me and pulled the reclining lever. This sent the tip of his gorgeous, perfect, cut 7 inch cock right onto my clit. I gasped as he began to finger me, he was amazing. He hit the g-spot within seconds which made me go into multiple orgasms. On my third orgasm I jacked that hard cock and as I tensed up I squeezed as I pulled on it. I felt his cock twitch and he cummed at least five times on my stomach and pussy. We decided to go into the shower to clean up and then I spent the rest of the afternoon with him going to the next level which was the best I ever had. I plan to be friends with Jack for a long time, we need each other.



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