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Jaccuzism: What it is, and why I do it.

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I don't know how many other people feel the same way, but there is nothing, and I do mean *nothing*, that I enjoy more sexually than using jacuzzi and water jets to achieve orgasm. Certainly, I do love sex with women or men, but only because of the emotional connection that touch brings. When it comes to pure personal sexual gratification, water jets beat everything, hands down. (Or should that be 'beats off everything, hands off'?)

How much you can enjoy it really depends on a number of factors. Are you a man or a woman? How strong are the jets? Are they constant or pulsing? Is the jacuzzi in public or in private? Are you an exhibitionist? It really all depends on, no pun intended, what gets you off.

Myself, I seek out moderate to strong jets because they can be felt far from the source of the water, or up close, they can be almost brutal in their stimulation. I personally prefer jacuzzis at public pools and hotels for my own enjoyment because I like the excitement of having an orgasm in front of others. Do people know what I'm doing? Sometimes they're oblivious, sometimes they suspect, and sometimes I think they know exactly what I'm doing. That's especially fun when others are doing the self same thing, giving themselves an orgasm in a public place.

First, I usually wear a speedo or tight jammer style swimsuit. If I'm on holiday in certain countries, a tight-fitting thong or g-string. That might make an erection easier to see, but it also keeps my manhood in one place. Just imagine trying to stay in one constant position in front of a jet of water when your suit is loose enough to let your cock flop around.

Next, I look for a jet that is moderately or very strong. You can't sit with your back to a jet and accomplish anything, so in most hot tubs, I need to turn sideways so my legs are under the jet of water. As the periphery of the water hits me, it begins a slow process of stimulation. Gradually, little by little, the feeling of the water arouses me. If necessary, I will lift myself up, only heels and hands on the seat, and turn my groin toward the jet. The water begins to hit me with full force.

It's now that I'm at my most excited. I thrust my hips around to change the level of stimulation, like I was penetrating a woman, to increase or decrease my sensations and make it last or become more intense. I look around the pool at the women there, and I fantasize about them in their swimsuits and bikinis, about how it would feel to have sex with them, or better yet, have them sitting beside me looking into my eyes as I come. My goal is to make it last as long as possible, to drag out the arousal, and to bring myself to a mindbending orgasm. I want the water's force to make me react uncontrollably, to have body spasms that I can't control, eyes crossed and moaning in ecstasy. Sometimes that's not always possible because of where I am, but I try for that level of rapture as often as I can.

One of the best parts about jaccuzism is not having to use your hands. You don't have to get worked up, you're not hot and sweating, you're able to focus on the pleasure, and the water jets do all the work for you, making it easier to just relax and enjoy the orgasm. Jacuzzism offers all the benefits of self-enjoyment with none of the downsides.

I don't always pleasure myself in the same way every time. Depending on the type of pool and the building itself, I will position myself in different ways. What I have done and experienced will be meat of other techniques and stories I will be posting in the future. Write a comment and let me know if you enjoyed reading this technique or if you got enjoyment from using it.



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