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I've Always Loved You

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I met Jen about a year ago, actually exactly 51 weeks ago we started dating. We live in separate states so our relationship has always been phone based. We talked every night on the phone for hours and hours, often staying up until 3am just talking. Our love just kept growing, there wasn't a second I wasn't thinking about her. I would always call right when my free minutes started, and we always went to sleep together with the phone still on. We had some beautiful nights together...

About eight months ago she got put into a placement type home. Her abusive past had caught up to her, and now plagued this 15 year old love of my life with various mental illnesses. It's always hard imagining her hurting herself, or crying, because there was nothing I could do about it. All I could do was remind her how much she means to me, and try to be the support she needed...

A month ago I finally got a chance to see her, and she is beautiful. She says she's fat, but shes the perfect weight. Her curves mesmerize me, and she fits so perfectly in my arms. Her lips are soft, and her eyes make my heart melt. We spent hours just staring at each other, often as my father drove us around-like that day I first discovered those curves.

It was the second day there. Jen wanted to go to a mall kind of far away, so we went with her sisters and my dad being the supportive father drove us. We spent the entire car ride with eyes locked. I would lean against her forehead and stare, only breaking the gaze to gently kiss her. She closed her eyes every time I did. As we sat there my hand began to wander, sometimes gently brushing against her beautiful breasts, other times venturing between her legs, gently caressing from her knee to her crotch. All while her younger sisters stared at the passing farms. I would push into her vagina, only imagining what it looked like, and she would kiss me harder, telling me how much she loved me without words.

When we got to the mall my dad gave us some money, Jen was pretty happy about that because she didn't have all that much to spend.

So we ventured into the mall, looking at clothes, cool stuff at hot topic and whatnot...

We went to this one store where she wanted to try on a few dresses. So I let her put them on as I stood guard outside, trying to keep my left over lust from the car ride at bay... After the second dress she opened the door. it was a yellow one, low cut. She has dark beautiful hispanic skin, so it didn't look too great. I slowly walked over to her and kissed her, and assured her she was beautiful no matter what. She was going to close the door, but something inside me decided to be daring, and I asked if I could come in. Jen was shy, and said no, I couldn't help myself, so I softly kissed her again and said please. I lovingly stared in her eyes, and after a few seconds she pulled me in. We instantly started making out, tongues twisting in a beautiful dance... I gently rubbed her breast and she kissed me harder and pulled me close to her beautiful body.

Then she stopped, and walked over to try on the next dress. She was still shy, and gently turned away as she slipped the one she was wearing off. I was mesmerized by her curves, and gently followed them with my eyes. I told her she was beautiful. She was.. and she put on the next dress, then she came over and sat on my lap, I love you she said, and I kissed her again. I knew where I wanted this to go, and she knew where it was going. She kissed me deeply, and I gently laid back on the bench, she followed and knelt over me, still kissing me, sending vibrations through my body telling me she is the one. We continued kissing, and I held her tightly, then slowly let go as I slipped my hand beneath the silk and rubbed her breast. She continued kissing me. I tried to pull the fabric to the side, but she shook her head no, and continued kissing me, and biting my neck.. Jen always loved vampire books, so I returned the favor, gently nibbling on her slender neck. I then reached down, and began to rub her pussy. She kissed me harder, telling me 'go'. I slipped my hand beneath her panties and for the first time, felt this woman I love. Felt her warmth radiate through me, and so I rubbed. feeling the juices squish around my fingers. Combed through her pubic hairs and I gently slipped a finger inside. she gasped. it felt so good to be inside of her. I pulled my hand out and smelt it, a smell I will never forget. and she licked my fingers. I stuck them back inside, feeling every inch of her with my other hand, and listened to her breath getting heavier. We laid there together for the longest time, I explored her without sight, and she kissed me, as hard as she could. I finally felt her vagina squeeze my fingers, and I went faster, kissing her as hard as I could so she wouldn't make noise.

When she finished, she kissed me, licked my fingers and said 'I love you'

I'll always love Jen, and I'll never forget her gentle curves, and the smell that surrounded her that day.



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