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It's Pleasing Myself

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I was referred to Solo by a female friend and have enjoyed learning about other's history and experiences. Well I am past the baby boomer stage and I thought that my early Solo experiences just might be of some interest. I cannot say exactly when I first began to masturbate, but as far back as I can remember, rubbing or touching my cunt gave me pleasure. But during the 1950's, sex was considered to be dirty and a subject that just was not openly talked about. My parents were very conservative and religious, and my Mother gave me instructions on how to do personal hygiene i.e. wash my pussy, and never insert an object into it and never never let a boy see or touch me there. By the time I was age 9, I had learned what areas gave me special pleasures and sensations, but had no idea that it was called a clitoris. I pleasured myself each night as I lay in my bed. There wasn't a climax, just good feelings and it was a fun way to prepare for sleep. It was during a sleep over at my cousin's home that I first learned that boys had different plumbing. My cousin, who was 14 and 3 years older than I, had her period and gave me my first sex education on the birds & bees. She showed me a medical text that had diagrams of the male & female sex organs, and she told me how babies are made -0 and that it must be fun, since women got pregnant quickly after marrying. She told me that soon she would begin using a tampax instead on a kotex pad and that I should begin to prepare my pussy for later when I had a period and I could use tampax which were much more comfortable than a pad. She also showed me where my clitoris was and that with practice, I could experience much more excitement & pleasure from masturbation. I had begun to insert a finger in my pussy previously to this sleep over, but my preferred method was to gently touch my clitoris either in a circular or up & down motion. It was when I was 15, that I had my first big O. I had been to a dance at school, and had waltzed & slow danced with a classmate, and my hormones were up & running. So that evening I stripped my clothing and lay on my bed thinking of the boy I danced with and all the time touching my clitoris. Normally I masturbated for 10 to 15 minutes, but this time the pleasant sensations just kept building and I did not want to stop, and when I climaxed, the joy of it, flooded my entire being- and from that time to this day, when I have an orgasm -it's a total body experience. I have never married, but have been in a few good relationships with men who shared my passion for self love. I have never repressed my sexuality nor passed up an opportunity to have a new experience sexually. I think it is OK to be selfish on achieving pleasure for yourself and who knows you better than yourself?



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