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It's for More Than Cleaning Your Teeth

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I had the most amazing session...A scumbag roommate of mine took off while I was away. He left me with all the bills and rent due in a week. All he left behind was an old boom box, some nasty cum covered porn mags and his sonicare toothbrush. I started to throw away his stuff, when an idea came into my head. I decided to have a bit of fun with that sonicare. I stripped off my clothes and put on a good porn. My cock was throbbing and I was edging when I took out his toothbrush, switched it on and used the base of the toothbrush to stimulate the area under my scrotum and before my anus. Oh MY GOD!!!!

I could only hold it there for a few minutes without convulsing in ecstacy. I would stroke myself, relax my prostate, tense it up and relax it, all the while holding the toothbrush between my legs. I did it for a good hour or so...I had my door wide open making all the sound in the world, as I knew no one would come in on me. The vibrating was sooooo intense and I would literally convulse into a dry orgasm...when I couldn't take it no more I clenched the vibrating toothbrush tight up against my inner thighs and sac...and with a well lubed hand stroked my red cock until the edge. I stopped short and let the first shot of cum erupt...then relaxed everything...this maintained my erection...then I did it again...this time tensing everything up and letting it all go...I was yelling 'Agghhhh...FUck Yeah...OHHH YEAHHH...mmmmmmmmmmm' loudly when rope after rope of hot cum shot up out of my penis onto my abs and chest and a squirt even hit me in my neck....

I felt faint and could barely slow my heartbeat minutes after I came. My legs and genitals were extremely sensitive and I was out of breath. I cleaned myself up and ran to take out the trash. My trash dumpster is right outside my window and upon going downstairs, I ran into my next door neighbor, Seth. 'Who the hell do you have in there with you?' He asked. 'Are you alone? I could hear you pleasuring yourself for the past hour and half, I squeezed out a couple just listening...' he said jokingly. Seth and I have been neighbors for a few years and have heard each other have sex, as we share the same bedroom wall. I often time hear his headboard slam the wall when he's busy...I wondered, oftentimes, if he was alone for some of those sessions. We were complete comfortable talking sex and masturbation with each other and have seen each other naked many times at the gym we both go to. I told him I found a new toy that was just mind blowing, then told him to buy a sonicare toothbrush. He laughed it off and said 'whatever, dude?' I told him to not knock it till he tried it.

Several nights later, I was enjoying my new found independence, (since I lost a room mate, I didn't take another so I could walk around naked and Jackoff anywhere, anytime it came up...pardon the pun). I was laying in bed contemplating whether I wanted a long Jack or a quickie, when I heard a muffled groan from Seth's apartment. I put my ear to the wall and heard the familiar hum (dummy didn't remove the cover from the removable cleaning toothbrush head, so the sound was really loud) He had bought a sonicare and I could hear him cleaning things other than his teeth. I listened intently for a good 15 to 20 minutes, as I heard him moan and shudder. He was completely loud and lost in the moment, not caring who heard. I, of course was hard as granite and I ran to get my toy. When I heard him cum 'OH MY God...MMMMM AAAAAGGGGH!!!!' I turned on my sonicare, this time keeping the cap on the toothbrush head, so he, too could hear me have fun. I waited 15 minutes to let him 'rest' so he could hear everything. I put on a porn and put it on mute and started to just stroke casually. I could hear him get out of bed walk to the bathroom and get back into bed.

I then began to moan and talk a little dirty...just loud enough so he was sure to hear. I turned on my sonicare and held it to wall, imagining where his head might be so he could hear and understand that I heard him work himself. I had become quite savy with the brush by this time, as I had done it half a dozen times in 3 or 4 days, that I knew where to place it and how to use for maximum pleasure. I pushed in lightly at the base of the back of my scrotum and held it there for a few minutes.

10 minutes into my session I was loudly moaning and groaning...and I absentmindedly yelled out Seth's name. I paused at my blunder, a little scared, and a little thrilled at the same time. I suddenly heard him get out of bed. My heart was beating like crazy. Did I turn him off and away from me? I started to imagine our friendship deteriotating before my eyes. I stopped my session a little disappointed that I may have lost a good friend, when I heard a rap at my door.

I grabbed my bedsheet and walked over to open the door. It was Seth! 'Hi...' he said. 'I was just falling asleep' I replied, from behind the door. 'I could have sworn you called me.' He said. A warm blush came onto my face as I opened the door alittle. He looked at me up and down. 'You look a little, (Ahem) busy...' He said eyeing the huge erection tenting the flimsy bedsheet material I grabbed to cover myself with. 'Just having some fun before I sleep...'I stammered back with heat and embarrassment flushing my face out completely. 'Maybe I can come help you.'

My heartbeat was going somewhere in the neighborhood of a million beats a second, as he walked into my apartment and closed the door. His boxers (He walked in our communal hallway in his boxers) were tented with what I imagined to be a 7 inch pole.(I was right!) He let them drop to the floor and walked completely naked to my bedroom. I locked the door behind him and dropped my bedsheet and followed him in.

We began passionately kissing and stroking each other. I hadn't noticed but he brought in his sonicare toothbrush too. We turned our toys on and took turns 'buzzing' each other to the edge and pulling away. We ended up in a 69 position with me on top the base of the sonicare set squarely on my prostate, and mine on his and the both of us mutually masturbating each other. We had been at it for at least an hour and half, when we were both too tired and our penises too red to continue. I was the first to cum. I leaned back on my knees, Seth head between my thighs, on hand holding the sonicare in place the other jackin me in a twisty 'unscrew the bottle' motion. I was panting, moaning, groaning, talking half sentences and just altogtheer out of my mind....I could feel the build up and the pleasure was soooo overwhelming, beyond anything I had ever experienced before. My quads were shivering and my spine convulsing as I came into a body orgasm. My whole body buckling and orgasmic. I shot a steady rope of semen on to his chest and pubic hairs. A second stream caught his stomach and yet a third dribbled down his hand and onto his face.

I spent a few minutes trying to catch my breath and regain conciousness (HEHE) then I took Seth into my command. I made him need in front of me facing away from me. I knelt behind him almost spooning him. I his sonicare high up into his inner thigh so the vibrating tickled his ball sac, as well as his prostate. I then inserted my sonicare between his ass cheeks, up against my pubic bone. He was moaning...pleading almost begging. I let him lean back onto me, allowing his whole body weight to fall on me. I leaned to his left a little and with my left hand started to jack him. Luckily, my bedroom mirror was positioned right in front of us, so I had a full view of what was about to happen. He was begging my to finish...as he was really close, but I teased him, first playing with the head of his penis then the shaft. The head was a cherry color and was as hard as a rock. 'MMMMMMM....Please Zach...touch it more....more....mMMMMM' I could feel his deep voice and heavy breathing from his back and he would shudder and shiver violently everytime he came close. I then began my finale.....I let hime come down (as much as he could given the circumstances) then steadily began to stroke him. I made sure to brush his whole shaft and sqeezed tight as I approached the helmet and made sure that the underside of the head of his penis recieve every slippery inch of my fingers as I tighted the sqeeze ending each stroke with this technique.

He was begging me not to stop. There was an almost desparate sound to his voice. 'Please, don't stop....mmmmmmm please Zach...oh..yeah....mmmmmm keep going...right there...mmmmmm Please ...don't...stopp...' His breathing was labored and speech was illogical...half sentences and half phrases punctuated with wild guttural groans and moans and 'MMMMMMM's...finally he began to buck wildly on me.....he was convulsing, bouncing lightly on me like a trampoline....my hand did not let up and he began to Yell' FUCK YEAH......ZACH....OH MY GOD...' He was completely loud and uncontrollable, as a thick rocket of sperm erupted from his inner being. I felt his cock unload, almost like a snake vomiting out it's lunch. It contracted and shot and each shot a load of cum was sent airborn onto my already drenched bedcover. He leaned back on me completely spent. The sonicare falling out of him and onto the bed. He flipped over and slid his tongue into my mouth and kissed me passionately. We lay there togther for 15 mintues or so laughing and half listening to each other talk about how that felt. We were both straight up to that point and I have since decided to be bisexual with him...(does that make sense?)...

He slept over that night, and we had a good morning playing wake up with each other. We have since done this 5 or 6 times. And for some reason, I don't see us stopping anytime soon. I'll keep you posted



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