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It's Embarrassing

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When I learned to make myself cum, (at age 14) I also realized I had a problem. When I cum, every single time, I squirt-it varies from just a flood of wetness that actually runs down my legs, to full-on spraying. The more potent the cum, the more it happens. So I was very embarrassed about it.


As usual, (I guess) groups of us would have sleepovers, talk about boys, get all horny, and even watch porn. That was ok. I would get aroused, of course, as would everyone else, but then I guess we would take care of ourselves either in the bathroom or in bed under the covers. I knew that three of my closest friends did that on sleepovers, and as we grew up together, one of us saying something like 'Shit-I can't take this any more-I'm going for a wank' (we always used the word wank-somehow it seemed, dirtier) Then the girl concerned would go to the bathroom, and get a round of applause when she came back.

I did too, of course, I could sit on the can, masturbate, and squirt-no one need ever know my problem.

Around 16 or so, though, it changed. We would undress, at least down to bra and knickers, and sometimes topless, or even naked. Amazing, how some of the four of us were totally shaved even then, while others were the exact opposite, at least for a while. We would steal furtive glances at each other. Who had the most hair? Who had the smallest boobs? (ME!!)

Sometimes, if we were watching porn, a girl would begin to masturbate before heading off for the toilet with the usual 'going for a wank'.

One night we had found a really hot film. A girl had to pay a penalty for losing a shipment, and two guys appeared in an aircraft hanger to make her pay. It wasn't rape, but there was definitely a feeling of her being forced. At one point, she was lying on her back while they quite roughly tugged her overalls and knickers off, it was VERY horny!

Jane said 'Oh shit-I need to cum-NOW, er, anybody mind?' She didn't want to leave the vid. She spread her legs and we could all see just how wet she was. Her knickers came off and she was the first of us to be naked AND touching. Christina soon joined in as did Emily, leaving ME, horny as all hell. But I couldn't join in because of my problem. For a while I sat there, watching my three closest friends masturbating and utterly miserable that I couldn't join in.

Emily, though, made my day! 'Er, guys-I need to get a towel. I usually squirt a bit when I am THIS turned on.' Jane said 'Oh thank fuck-I was gonna ask the same thing.' Christina also admitted that it could get messy when she cummed sometimes. So I bounced off my bed and grabbed the biggest bath towel I possessed and spread it on the bed.

Then I took my knickers off and joined in the fun. The four of us, sitting in a semi circle, mostly watching the film, but also from time to time each other, and seeing how differently we liked to do ourselves was one of the most erotic moments of my life. Emily, the quiet one among us, apparently liked to reach around behind her and push a finger deep in her ass, while Jane preferred three fingers inside her pussy. Christina liked to leave her pussy alone for a time, concentrating on really pinching her nipples hard before turning. her attention to her VERY large clit.

Emily got there first with a long 'Oooooooooooohhhhhhhh' and a little squirt of wetness, not much, but definitely some, arched from her hole and missed the towel completely, wetting my quilt. Thanks Em! Then Christina came-HARD. She sprayed a couple of jets onto the towel- still nothing like I am capable of though. Jane was next and she arched her back lifting her ass off the bed and over the towel. This was much MUCH more, although not a jet as such, more like, well, more like when you pee? You know?

The sight and smell of all that girl cum set me off and I couldn't hold out any longer. Up to that moment, holy crap on a cracker, how I had been holding off. Jane cumming did it. Suddenly, I was moaning and cumming harder than I could remember. There was a mixture of 'Oh Wow' and 'Ewww' from my friends. When I came round from it, it seemed I had missed the towel too, and covered both Emily and Christina! There were wet and glistening with MY girl cum.

From that moment on, we masturbated a lot. We figured if guys can have a circle jerk, then why not us? We heard of the biscuit game where guys jack off onto a biscuit and either the first guy to cum or the last one has to eat the biscuit, so we had our own less disgusting version. We would draw lots to see who lost. The loser would take off her knickers and put them on the ground then we would stand around them and jill off, making sure that when we cummed, we squirted on the knickers. Then the loser had to wear them for the rest of the day.

We never, er, did anything to one another, but regular masturbation sessions happened until we were about 19. We got very adventurous, meeting up outdoors sometimes. We went from doing it in very secluded places to places where we may well be seen. Then, on Jane's suggestion, we decided we would try and do it where someone would definitely see us. That turned out to be a field near a local girl's boarding school. (It later turned out Jane was a lesbian-it must have been really hard for her to be with us and not being able to touch us.)

We would also go out on our own and tell each other about our adventures.

I think the best one I did was near a riding stable-one of the ones that ONLY teach people with serious money, so the girls that went there were usually quite stuck up if you know what I mean. I found a place near a track that could just be seen through the trees. Then, I stripped, but only down to my knickers. I waited until, in the distance, I saw a girl approaching on the most gorgeous chestnut mare. I made sure I made a lot of noise accompanied by a lot of 'Oh fuck! Yes, fuck me' type of noises. I was able to keep an eye on the track as she rode up close. I knew she could see me, laying there with my hand in my knickers, and the other on my tits. She slowed, stopped and looked, taking in the show. I slipped my knickers off because, as I said, I always squirt to some degree when I cum.

This girl looked around her and right there, up on her horse, unbuttoned her jeans, and pushed her hand in. I pretended I was lost in my own world and had my orgasm. Then I gathered up my clothes and ran off. But I kept the girl in sight.

What happened next amazed me. She got off her horse, still with her jeans undone and tied her to a fence post. Then, she walked over to where I had been lying. The grass was, of course, wet.

She looked around again, and slipped her jeans and knickers off, tossing them aside. In fact, from where I was, I could see JUST how wet she had got watching me. I expected her to masturbate to orgasm, but then, looking into her knickers, I think she may already have had one.

Instead, she took great care to find my squirt on the grass, and, squatting over it, peed. It was really erotic, because I could see her pussy up close and how creamy her pee was with her girl cum. Then, she got her knickers and jeans on and walked back to her horse.

I really hope the rest of her ride was fun-I know myself how easy it is for a girl to get turned on on a horse, although, for obvious reasons, I never let myself cum!

I think if the opportunity ever presented itself, I would like to mess around with another girl, but, I know I am not lesbian-I am FAR too addicted to cock for that!

Hey ho-well, gotta go and take care of myself now!



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