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It Just Happened

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My mum, I learnt was a two-timing, lying bitch. She had her hooks into a guy called Brian, and was giving him everything he wanted, but as she has done this with a succession of men, my brother and I figured it wouldn't last. Brian didn't like us very much and when he came round we spent as much time as possible in our rooms. Or in each others.


My brother was a couple of years older than me, but in terms of maturity, I was WAY ahead. I had started to develop when I was 9 and by 11 had regular periods and although I was stick thin, I had a nicely formed pair of breasts which were tight, firm and had firm pointy little nipples. So one day, Chris and I were in his room just staying out of the way. Brian called up that he was taking mum to their naturist club. (Yeah, RIGHT. Both Chris and I knew that mum had introduced Brian to naturism and we both knew that mum used it to pick up men she wanted money from.) We heard the door slam and the car drive off. I really don't know why I said what I said but I turned to Chris and said 'Well, if we both want a wank, at least no one is gonna walk in on us.' (That had happened to both of us in recent months, even though Chris had only just gotten started in that department. Mum had caught me in full jill a couple of times).

Chris TOTALLY got the wrong idea. 'Uhhh sure, I don't mind if you don't' and right there he whipped it out. Let me say it was a lot bigger since I last saw it and I must say, my pussy appreciated the sight! Chris started whacking off right there and then in front of me. As for me, I sat on the carpet literally wetting my knickers. Then I figured 'What the hell' and leaned back against his door and opened my legs and shoved my hand into my knickers. DAMN I was wet as all hell and watching that cock literally inches away from my face was very horny. Chris stood up and spread his legs bending slightly at the knees and that put his cock VERY close to my face. I did, I honestly did seriously consider licking it. But instead, I slipped my knickers off and (coz I LOVE talking dirty) said 'Hey you like my cunt?' Chris just groaned and I felt it splash right on my pussy. He kept cumming, a jet hit my mouth, another my tits and the rest either on my tummy or right between my cunt lips. I responded by cumming hard and long.

After we just stood there looking at each other and panting a little.

That was all we did that time apart from clean up of course. Over the next few months we got into a habit of masturbating together a lot and in more daring places. One time, Chris jacked and when he came I reached down and rubbed it against myself. I knew I got sperm inside and when my period was two weeks late I realised how fucking stupid I had been. Still a trip to the doctor got me on the pill and yes, we fooled around an awful lot that summer.

We carried on doing that for about five years on and off. Eventually, when Brian became terminally ill, our cold hearted mum started seeing another man a month before Brian died. Typical. I leave home next month and if I never see the two timing bitch again it will be too soon. Chris feels the same. Mum doesn't care. She is spreading her legs for another MUCH older man at the moment. Of course, he is rich... he wouldn't be getting into her knickers otherwise.



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