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It Helps To Learn Masturbation Early

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It Helps To Learn Masturbation Early
Here's my story: I suppose I should tell you a little bit about myself. I'm 20 years old, go to college part-time and work part-time, have a boyfriend and absolutely love sex and self-pleasuring.
I have been really interested in (fascinated is probably a better word) masturbation since I was about 9 or 10. It's one of the sexual things that is always a real turn-on for me, both guys and chicks. Brad (my current boyfriend) and I do it together all the time and I also do it alone probably 3-4 times a week, depending. I can't really explain why it's so interesting to me and I'm so curious about it, i just am. It's one of the things I'm always curious about with other girls - how often they do it, how they do it, if they've ever done it with another girl (or would like to) and things like that. I've read a lot of things about it and I know that everybody does it, but nobody ever talks about it, at least not in any really personal way.
I've read that a lot of women get their best orgasms this way and I really think that's true, especially for me. Even when I'm having sex I need to rub my clit or have him do it. Otherwise, I just can't cum. Some of the nice things about masturbating is that it's free, you don't need a partner, you can do it almost anywhere, it always feels good and, as I read somewhere, "an orgasm is always just a short reach away."
I had my first orgasm, from masturbating, when I was nine. Like all kids, I had "explored" myself "down there" and had "played with myself" as far back as I can remember, but I didnā??t know anything about orgasms or the term masturbation or anything like that. It was actually my sister, who is 4 years older than me, who first told me that a girl can touch herself down there and get a really good feeling. When we were young, my sister and I would talk about sex - she was like my teacher or something like that. After she told me about getting a good feeling, I tried it and it did feel good but nothing really awesome or anything like that.
Then one night I was doing it and for whatever reason it was kinda different, like I just didnā??t want to stop so I kept doing it and all of a sudden it was like an electric shock or something through my whole body and I was like shaking and everything. And I knew what my sister was talking about. (It wasnā??t until a few years later that I actually heard the word "orgasm" and knew that thatā??s what I got when I masturbated. Actually, I didnā??t even know the term "masturbation" until I read it in a book. Up to then I just thought about it as "rubbing off" and thatā??s what a couple of my girlfriends called it, too).
Well, after that first time it was like I was addicted or something and I did it (and still do it) all the time. I mean like every night I was rubbing my clit (I didnā??t know that word, either) and having orgasms. Iā??d do it other times, too, like during the day when Iā??d be up in my room and once or twice in our rec room downstairs when nobody was around. A couple of my girlfriends when I was about 9 or 10 also said they did it, but we never really talked about it very much.
I tried a lot of different ways. Usually Iā??d just lie on my back, open my legs and rub my clit and Iā??d have an orgasm in about three minutes. I tried sticking my finger inside but it hurt, so I didnā??t do that until later. I laid on my stomach and "humped" a pillow and that felt good but took a lot longer. When I was about 10 I discovered that the shower massager was another way to do it. The massager Iā??m talking about is on like a hose that you can hold in your hand and adjust the way the water comes out and I experimented and found out that on the really hard setting if I held it so the water hit on my clit, I could have orgasms. So I started doing it a lot when I was in the shower and in bed before I went to sleep.
I suppose because Iā??ve always been really curious about sex, I tried a lot of different ways and did it in a lot of different places as I got older. By the time I got my period I could put a finger inside and I discovered that if I did that with one hand and rubbed my clit with the other I got off really good. About this time I also discovered that my fondling my breasts and nipples also felt good and Iā??d usually do this while I rubbed my clit or fingered myself, then after awhile Iā??d use both hands on my cunt. This is the way I do it most often now.
When I was about 11 I discovered the water jets in the swimming pool, the holes where the water shoots into the pool. This was probably because I had already learned about using the shower massager. I could rest my arms on the edge of the pool, like I was just resting or something, and the water jet was at just the right level to hit my cunt and I could come this way in just a few minutes and nobody would know what I was doing. I still do that occasionally, too.
I got my period when I was 12 and that seemed to be when I tried a lot of different things, like candles, a hairbrush handle, a hot dog and some other things. None of them really did much for me, though. My finger inside felt better and I could kinda wiggle it around and I liked it a lot better than sticking anything up my cunt.
When I was 12 I had some experiences with a girlfriend, Lisa, and we masturbated together and it was just incredibly hot to do that. Iā??ll tell you about that in another story. Anyway, I think my experiences with Lisa have a lot to do with my being so curious about other girls masturbating and wanting to do it with another girl.
It was also with Lisa that I first tried a vibrator. It was my sisterā??s and we snuck it out of her room a few times. My mother also had a vibrator - actually, she had several "toys" - and I used hers a few times, too. I could only do this when I was home alone, which wasnā??t all that often because my mother didnā??t work and was home all day. I really liked the vibrators and still do. My sisterā??s was like a dildo and ran on batteries and that didnā??t do it for me as much as my motherā??s that plugged in the wall. Thatā??s the kind I have now (believe it or not, my sister bought it for me cuz I canā??t get in the sex stores) and sometimes itā??s like my best friend. I donā??t use it all the time and I keep it hidden, although my parents are pretty open about sex and they know that Iā??m sexually active, so it wouldnā??t be a hassle or anything if they found it. But it would be pretty embarrassing.
I first started fooling around with guys when I was about 13 and I think I was lucky that I had learned how to have orgasms as young as I did because most of the guys I fooled around with (by fooled around I mean like petting below the waist and stuff like that) didnā??t know anything about how to give a girl an orgasm. So Iā??d get all excited and everything and it would be really frustrating until I could get home and do it. One guy, though, Jason (who is the first guy I had sex with) was older and he knew how to do it and I came every time we fooled around. I always made him cum, too. He was the first guy who ever came with me and it was really exciting to be able to make him climax. The first time he did it I was kinda surprised at how much there was. I knew about guys cumming and what happened, but I thought it was just a few drops and the first time Jason came when I was jacking him off it ended up going all over my jeans and I was really afraid that my mother or somebody would figure out what it was. After that Iā??d always have some kleenex or something.
After we went out for a few months and were pretty hot and heavy, Jason and I had sex for the first time and it was really great. A lot of girls Iā??ve talked to say that there first time was really horrible but mine was good. Jason and I were really very uninhibited with each other and tried just about everything. He was the first guy to eat me out and the first guy I ever gave a blow-job to. One of the things we did was masturbate together. We were talking about it one time and he asked me if I ever did it and I told him yes and he told me he did it, too. And one thing just led to another and we talked about how we did it and did we want to watch and so we did it together. I really liked that and have done it with several guys.
I masturbate almost every night and pretty often during the day, too, and have done it in a lot of places. I know it probably sounds kinda weird, but I think about doing it different places and sometimes just do it. Places I have done it are in restrooms, in the pool a lot (I already told you about that), at the beach once when nobody was around (I was laying on my stomach and just reached down and did it kinda slow and sneaky like). Once I did it when I was staying over at a girlfriendā??s house and sleeping in the same room with her (not the same bed). This happened about a year ago. She was someone I was secretly attracted to and this particular night I stayed over with her I ended up getting really horny just at the idea of sleeping in the same room with her. After we went to bed and I knew she was asleep I did it and it was extra exciting doing it right there with here in the same room. I fantasized that she woke up and saw me and got turned on and we ended up doing it together. Nothing like that happened, but I still think about that night and will have really intense orgasms every time I do.
I love doing it in front of a guy and have had this experience with a few guys. They always do it with me (otherwise I wonā??t do it) and it turns me on to the max. Iā??ve never been with a guy who wouldnā??t do it (jack off) if I asked him to. I think all guys have a fantasy about seeing a girl do it and also get off doing it in front of a girl. At least thatā??s been what my experience is like.
Iā??m always really curious about other girls, like how they do it and how often and if they ever do it with a guy (or a GIRL!!!), places theyā??ve done it, etc. One of my biggest fantasies is to do it with another girl. Thatā??s something I REALLY hope happens SOON!
I'd love to hear from other women who like to masturbate and are curious about other women or who have had any experiences with other girls. Just write to me at LouM. --Mindy



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