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Inspiring an Orgasm

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I had reason to once again wear a 'schoolgirl' outfit to a party, having put my hair in pigtails, painted on little freckles on my cheeks and having put on the shortest plaid skirt and the tightest white blouse that I could find in my wardrobe. Of course the outfit wouldn't be complete without little dainty black shoes and white knee socks. I threw a trench coat over my shoulders and headed off to the party.

I took the subway as it had been a quiet time of the evening with only a few people travelling on the train. I took a seat on the car across from an older, distinguished man in a business suit reading a newspaper. There were a few people far at the end of the car pre-occupied with conversation.

I was beginning to feel quite a bit naughty and my hand drifted down to my lap and began to extend over the edge of my short skirt and to caress my opening thighs. I looked around and then across at the man busy in his paper. No one had noticed or had been looking. I grew more brazen, lightly pushing up the hem of my short skirt and caressing the edges of my labia and hood of my clit. Ooooh-it felt sooo good!

The thought of wearing a short skirt, dressed as a schoolgirl without panties had been turning me on and had been making me very wet. My potential witness still seemed lost in his paper, occasionally turning a page with a noisy flurry. Even looking over the edge of his paper, I doubted if he could see much below my waist. I grew more ambitious and began to finger my wet vagina and rub my exposing clit. I involuntarily gasped and closed my eyes, closing my legs as I felt a jolt from my open, wet pussy. This went on for quite a while as the stops had whizzed past.

Finally I had looked over at the sound of rustling paper and I had been surprised to see that my distinguished fellow traveller had extracted his cock from his pants and had been busily jerking himself off behind his paper! I had felt a bit startled but then ... really quite flattered! I could see the base of his rigid cock under his paper as it slightly rose and fell with each stroke. He looked over the top of his paper and then smiled at me. Our eyes met and I smiled back. His strokes were becoming more deliberate, his breathing ragged and his legs were visibly beginning to shake.

The last of the others on the car exited the car at a stop. I desperately wanted to come, so I decided to abandon all pretences, spread my legs widely and began to masturbate openly. I inserted my fingers into my vagina and rubbed the hood of my clit as my slippery labia made slurping sounds, as I frigged with fearless abandon. Inserting my fingers in and out, I could feel my vaginal muscles begin to contract as my hardened nipples strained against my blouse. I could feel myself about to come and I let out a sharp cry followed by a loud 'Unnnggghhh' groan, as I came.

My business traveller had pushed aside his paper and had turned to jerking off with both of his hands. As I looked over and smiled, keeping my wet fingers in my still gaping and swollen labia, making lazy circles around my large and unsheathed clit, I both heard and saw him come. His body went rigid and a stream of white cum shot from his glistening, engorged cock. It was followed by another impressive spurt and then another. He looked at me with benign appreciation as small spurts of cum still oozed from his cock as he slowly stroked it in his hand. As I rubbed my nipples under my blouse I touched my clit and came again, returning his benign smile with a wicked one as I then licked my sodden fingers. Before he could say a word, I stood without consciously bothering to lower my skirt or to close my coat until I was out the car door. I had been off the train at the next stop, feeling fluid run down my legs as I briskly walked away.



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