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I've read a lot of the stories here involving brotherly 'love' and although some do seem a little overblown, what's the same with all is that they get me hard! I've got no massive penis and I'm not the most attractive bloke, but I like to think I'm normal and happy and as sexual as any other College first year. I also have a horny brother two years younger.

I was reading these stories one evening when the family was out, and getting a rather hard erection. It got to the point where it was uncomfortable wearing any clothing, so I unfastened my belt and pulled off my jeans and boxers. Naturally, this heightened my arousal, so I stripped and headed to the shower for a wank. It was the perfect temperature so I tried my usual. Lather myself up and rub the foam into my upper chest and groin, bringing myself close. I'd then grasp the showerhead and masturbate with the fast flow of water. On this occasion I came; the goo spurted up my belly and oozed onto the shower tray. I felt utterly blissed out, so placed the head in its mount and lay at the bottom of the shower, legs spread, eyes shut, dozing.

At a guess around ten minutes later, I heard a creak and a splash, and opened my eyes to see a blurred seemingly-naked figure above me. I wiped the water from my eyes and realised it was my brother, standing there in nothing but swim shorts, a tent clearly visible at the front! He blushed and told me he'd got in just as I left for the shower, and had read the stories on this very site! He told me he was keen for fun, but didn't know I'd be in the shower. Of course, I didn't buy the crap that he didn't know I was here, but I went along with it.

In an instant I was hard once more, and so stood up and embraced him. Our erections pressed together through the fabric, and we both gasped and giggled. I slid my hands to his hips, then guided his shorts out the way. He responded by stepping back and fully removing them, tossing them into the basin. He then slid the shower doors firmly shut, and stood close to me again. We just stood there for a few seconds all flushed, then he leant towards me. I reciprocated and our lips met, a little clumsily. Awkwardly at first, we began a very slobbery but incredible series of kisses. I then felt his smaller hands wrap around my hardened uncut penis. He began to pull me off. I broke off the kiss and grasped his with my left hand, and began to gently pump.

In around five minutes, we both came, him first followed by me a minute or two later. We then cuddled, and the sticky, not-quite-washed-clean remnants of jism squeezed between our bellies.

We rinsed off, dried, and headed to our separate bedrooms to change.

Our parents are out on Monday night. We have agreed to play again then.

Thanks for your incredible stories, guys!



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