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I pushed him down on his back. I ran my hand over his bulge. He groaned. I pulled down his shorts and underwear. His dick popped up. I loved how vulnerable he looked. I grazed his length with my fingertips. A drop of pre-cum formed at the tip. I rubbed it into the head with my thumb. Then I wrapped my fingers around him, feeling his hot rigidity against my palm. I began to stroke him up and down. He gasped. I kept up a slow rhythm. When he begged me to speed up, I ignored him. He began to raise his hips and thrust into my hand in time with my stroking. I slipped my free hand beneath his lifted ass and felt his butt cheeks clinch and relax with his humping. More fluid gathered at the tip of his cock. I teased the top of his butt crack with my fingertip. He groaned. The drop of moisture on his cock swelled until it overflowed and dripped down his dick and my fingers. His eyes were tight shut. There was an intense expression on his face. Where his shirt rode up, I could see his flat stomach muscles flexing. My hand grew slippery on his cock, and I held still while he fucked it. On every other thrust, I would let the ball of my thumb press against the tip of his cock, smearing his free-flowing pre-cum. As his pace picked up, I tightened my grip ever so slightly, while with the other hand I gripped his ass cheek and added extra force to his thrusts. His moaning was low and constant, but it started to get louder and sharper, and then he strained upward and held rigid as his cock head pressed hard against my thumb and spasmed as his cum squeezed out and ran down over my fingers and onto his balls and thighs.

Before I even started on him, I felt my own arousal, and it grew and grew while I worked on him. Somehow, though I was aware of it, I was able to ignore it, but as soon as he finished his climax, I growled that it was his turn to make me cum now. I sat on the edge of the bed with my thighs apart and dragged him off the bed to kneel on the floor between my legs. His shorts and underwear were still down just above his knees, and in the mirror across the room behind him, I could see the reflection of his bare butt with the red marks my fingers had left on his sweaty flesh. Between his legs, his dick was limp, semi-erect, coated with his fluids which dripped on and ran down his inner thighs. Impatiently, I pushed up my own shirt and bra exposing my modest breasts and large, rigid nipples. I reached down between us and scooped some of his juices up with my fingers and began rubbing them into my nipples, breasts and stomach. He was still dazed from his orgasm and trying to catch his breath, so I gave his sensitive dick a firm squeeze to get his attention and remind him I was waiting. His eyes focused on my flushed face and bare breasts, and then sank to my skirt, and he grinned sloppily at me.

He rested his hands on my legs just above the knees, fingers spread on the outside and thumbs on the inside, and slid them up my thighs, bunching my skirt at my waist. As I was taking care of my breasts and nipples, caressing and tweaking and rubbing them myself, he focused all his attention down below, looking at my light blue cotton panties and the mound they clung to wetly. Gently running his fingertips up and down my inner thighs, he lowered his head to my crotch and pressed his nose against the fabric, sniffing, and nuzzling. My breath hissed in as he did this as his nose nudged my swollen and throbbing clit. He drew back slightly and stuck out his tongue which he then dragged up the middle and sucked and nibbled at the damp material, trying to get as much of my moisture as he could. I had been panting, but now I gasped and groaned with a combination of pleasure and frustration and I told him to get on with it. Grinning, he drew back and pealed my panties down and exposed my hungry pussy. He loved to tease me, and while it always felt good, sometimes he didn't know when the time had come to give me what I really wanted and just make me come, but when he did, then he didn't spare either me or the horses. Feathering his fingers over my mound, he used his thumbs to spread my lips open and expose my erect clit and wet pussy opening.

Then he went to work on me with his fingers, caressing me inside and out, playing my clit, fingering my pussy, massaging my G-spot, and causing me to go rigid with restrained ecstasy. My hands froze on my breasts, pinching my nipples hard, and I couldn't breathe. Then I began to let out a lout squeal as my stomach muscles began to quiver uncontrollably along with the muscles in my thighs and pussy. I had been alternately watching myself in the mirror, red and sweating, breasts heaving, nipples aimed like bullets at...my reflection where they aimed right back at me, and at him, face intent, hunched between my legs, hands working frantically in my crotch. Just before he thrust me over the edge, I glimpsed his cock, wet and sticky, once more hard. Then I didn't see anything. My eyes rolled back in my head and I passed out. I came to, a few seconds later, gasping and yelping as he continued to play with me, more slowly now, until finally, we both stopped at the same time, more or less, almost equally drained.

I won't say what I did with his resurrected hard-on, but you can make yourself come imagining it and what else happened after that. I know I didn't do such a good job writing this, but I hope you enjoyed reading it just the same.



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