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Innocent Play With Cousin

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Innocent play with cousin
This is a true story of an encounter I had with my cousin, I am curious if she remembers it,and who knows maybe she visits here and will read it.
I was about 11 or 12 at the time,When living in CT, my parents would take us to our cousins house on the weekends,My cousins family consisted of 3 boys and 1 girl,well call her J,J was the same age as me and we hung out together as our ages matched and we had similiar interests as growing up w 3 brothers she was a Tomboy,I noticed that she had started to develop breasts, and woiuld often tease her especially when finding bra's laying around her room,one evening as our parents played their penny anny card games,me and J played games and listened to records in her room,we were both on or bed clothes, hers a nightie and mine pj's,I noticed she wore no bra when in these not that she purposly did this but I could see her new beehive type nipples poking thru her nighty as the fabric would brush them, I think she must have known I was looking and she must have felt good cause she'd give me a half shy girlish type smile now and again.Then she would sit cross leged as we usually did anyway and I noticed that she had no panties on, I would sneek peaks and couls see her young lighty hair covered pussy in full view,she wasnt bushy and it was sparse bout I could see her crack and make out inner labias and what I now know as a clit,she seemed to pay no mind she must have figured ahh let him look he's a curious boy, I could hardly contain my hard on,and was extra nervous as I never wore underwear in my pj's,I thnik she must have noticed this cause she kept looking at my crotch and would look away if I looked directly at her,then I remebered her starting to laugh and said whats wrong she pointed at my croth and said your dick is hanging out,well in all the excitment of peeking my hard penis had made its way out the front of my pj's,I remember turning red and didnt know what to say, luckily she took mercy on me and said thats ok,Ive never really sen a guys thing this close,so she asked if I wanted to show her,I said I was afraid of getting caught but wanted to and asked if I could see her to she said ok so we begain tha tall to familier game of show me yours I'll show you mine,so I stood and dropped my pants my cock standing straight out,she looked and smiled and said it looked nice and made her feel funny in her stomach I told her I also had butterflies,so she removed her nighty and stood before me naked her new breast in my veiw and her barely haired pussy in veiw,I asked if we could touch each other and she said ok, I squeezed her breasts and rubbed my hand on her pussy I remember her legs twitching and shaking a bit but though it was just nerves,she grabbed my cock in her hand and held it,my cock naturally twitched and a little clear liquid came out,then we went in her bed and layed together naked, she told me freinds a little older than her told her stories about rubbing their pussies and putting fingers in and also guys liked thier dicks rubbed, I remember opening her pussy up w my fingers to see the hole it was pink and very wet,I remember putting a finger in and moving it in and out and that it felt warm,and made her giggle,she rubbed my cock,and even licked it and out it in her mouth even though we had no clue about blowjobs,just that she liked tasting it and I liked the way it felt,wer tried kissing but just pressed lips together as we had no clue what french kissing even was. This was our extend of young play,as we grew older we never really mentioned it,and I often wonder if we had talked when older what things might have happened,she is married now and we have lost contact but I always wonder that with our love and closeness of youth if she even remembers or still thinks of the time we showed, all in all who knows she might even be on here reading this.
Id love to here other females experiences of present time or when they were growing up,Id also love to get to know females as online buds or even mast. freinds if they are so inclined,have fun here be open I hope to hear from you Take Care All, K.



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