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Initiation - Pt 2

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To get you in the mood you need to read Part 1 posted on Jan 20.


Next morning off I went up to my position to continue bird watching. Birds, and animals for that matter, are creatures of habit: they often return to the same place at the same time of day. I wondered idly as I sat in my hide if the same might apply to humans (it did for me!) and, in particular, to the one I had seen yesterday.

Some time went by and, you've guessed it, Boyo came into distant view, ambling up the path. I focussed in on him carefully, not making too much movement so as not to be seen. I trailed the glasses over him as he walked and noticed a distinct bulge in his shorts. Well, this can't be usual I thought. Boyo paused at much the same spot as before, glanced around, decided he was alone, moved off the path a bit, unzipped, peeled down his pants and his cock fairly sprang out! No watering this time as he started to stroke straight away! He eased his hand along his cock, which leaped to attention! Oh my!! I had a good look at the eggs in the sack hanging down beneath, swinging as he moved his hand up and down, getting quicker, then slowing, then quickening. He felt his balls with his left hand, his right continued its motion, and this time I knew exactly what to expect. I waited and watched in eager anticipation as I realised that he was going to cum soon and I wanted to see the juice zooming out. He did not let me down! Within a short time he slowed his massage, and within seconds I heard him groan and almost at the same time the white juice spurted out once, twice, several more times, each spurt I noticed seeming to be less than the last till there was just a thick liquid oozing from the end of his cock. That was truly impressive, I thought.

Once again Boyo forced his wilting member back inside his clothing and walked off. Once again I was feeling randy as hell, got my fingers inside my panties and started to frig myself, feeling the sensations building inside me, needing to get some fingers inside my damp cunt and keep massaging at the same time, sliding them over my clit, feeling the wetness oh so good, the climax getting nearer until it washed over me and felt so gooood, cumming, cumming, cumming.



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