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Initiation - Pt 1

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The events described come in four parts


A holiday on the south coast of France: idyllic! I was there camping with my parents as a teenager and had looked forward to the holiday. I was not to be disappointed.

I had a hobby which I had indulged at home and I was going to continue it while away but it was not perhaps what you normally expect in a teenager. I liked bird-watching. So soon after our arrival at our resort I said I was off to find a suitable site to practice my hobby in this different environment. I found a spot inland from the beach we frequented and spent a couple of mornings there on my own, armed with my binoculars and camera, watching the birds. I found myself a spot where I could sit and watch which was quite well concealed in the scrub and low trees you find in that part of France. I had learned that if one keeps still the birds do not notice you and they begin to appear after a few minutes. So it proved with humans too. The binoculars were a real asset at bringing the birds real close.

I was in position late one morning in the shade quietly watching the birdlife when I noticed a young man walking up the path I had come up earlier. He was wearing shorts and carrying a t-shirt slung over his shoulders; looked quite good too! He stopped some distance away, looked around him as if to check there was nobody else around, turned to face more or less in my direction, unzipped the front of his shorts, pulled out his member and relieved himself! Now, I had had no experience of mens cocks at this stage of my life, had never seen one live so seeing this fellow's was a revelation. As I was well concealed and he could not see me I decided this was a golden opportunity to get a good look at him. No embarrassment as nobody else could see me. I eased the binoculars up and had a look! This was pretty good; I had his cock right up close and I could see all the fine detail. He finished watering the ground and I expected him to put it away and that would be it, but no! He had another look around and kept his cock out and continued to squeeze it and pull it. I watched closely to see what would happen next.

As he changed his movement from a squeezing to more of a massage I noticed it swelling and quite quickly growing in length and pointing outwards and, as he continued, it pointed upwards. He went on massaging in a rhythmic manner and I went on watching, fascinated by this whole performance! Having a real close look was great, and without complications. And so he carried on, not changing his style of rubbing but his cock seemed mighty big to me in all my innocence. After a bit he increased his speed of massage, then slowed it down and then, suddenly, there was a small spurt of white liquid followed immediately by another and then further jets of the stuff spurting out. No idea how many of these spurts there were but he carried on stroking himself as the white fluid continued to run out, until, eventually, he stopped. This was all new to me and I felt quite flushed myself, a not unfamiliar feeling and I realised that I was quite wet between my legs.

Boyo seemed to have finished what he was doing because he forced the diminishing penis back inside his shorts and moved off. I remained quite still until he had disappeared, then reached inside my own shorts and panties and felt myself, completely wet and sexed up! Having seen my first man cum I thought I should relieve myself, slid off my shorts, pulled my panties to one side and started rubbing my clit with one hand and sliding a finger from the other inside my cunt. No finesse here! Just rub my clit, getting faster and faster, feeling the juices really wet and I came, a really good orgasm.

It took several minutes to sort myself out and calm down. Later, when composed, I returned to the campsite. Further into the day, on the beach, I saw Boyo some distance off and thought I need to get to know that fellow, but how? We were going to be there for some time so I thought there would be no rush; I could work something out.



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