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Initiated By An Older Boy

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Initiated by an Older Boy
I was about 15 and had been jacking off for about three years. I loved the felling and event though my cum was not thick and rich yet, I loved the taste of it.
I had a buddy who was a year and a half older than me and had a car. He picked me up one Saturday and we went over to his house. We immediately went up into the bedroom for what purpose I had no idea. As soon as we were in the room (his folks were gone to the lake for the weekend) Lee (not his real name) asked if I ever jacked off. I told him I love to. He said "Good, let's take our clothes off." So we did. I had not seen his penis before and it was much longer than mine (about 7"), but quite thin. We sat on his bed and faced each other. We slowly jacked until we were hard. Then Lee suggested something that I had never heard of. "Ever had a blow job?" I replied no I didn't even know what it was.
He leaned over and took my penis in his mouth and began to BLOW! No kidding, he was trying to blow into me. Well, needless to say it didn't work. When I told him nothing was happening he just sat back up and continued to jack off.
After about a half an hour of this he suggested that we go into the bathroom. I couldn't figure out what we would do in the bathroom that we couldn't do in the bedroom. Once in the bathroom he told me to get on my knees and face the bathtub. I did as I was told. Soon I felt Lee's hand reaching around and starting to jack me. It really felt good to have somebody's hand on my hard cock instead of just mine. I was in heaven. The I felt him pushing his hard cock up against the crack in my ass. He asked if I had ever been fucked. I told him no, but I would like to try it. He greased me up with some hand lotion and then placed some hand lotion on his hand that he was jacking me with. He leaned back into me and soon I felt the head of his long hard cock pressing on my butt hole. It hurt a little, but I was determined to allow him to do what he wanted. Soon his cock entered me and his hand went back to jacking me in time with his fucking me. It didn't take very long for both of us to get to a point where we were going to burst if we didn't cum.
Lee drove his long dick deep into me and held it there. He furiously jacked and soon I was covering the side of the bath tub with hot cum. Lee used his other hand to catch some of the cum and offered it to me to suck off his fingers which I eagerly did. He caught some more and licked it off too.
This started a long, long relationship. He is gay, I am bisexual and we still see each other from time to time. Someday I will write about the time we picked two girls up in the downtown area of our city, took them to his house and put a show on for them while they jacked their hot young pussies. But, as they say, that is another story for another time. Hope you had a great jack off! --Bobbie



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