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Indian Dreams (Or, Veer's Smell)

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Not one of the steamier stories, perhaps, but as true a recollection as I can make it. This story is all true, but names have been changed.


This is the story of how I got turned on by a scent, the glorious scent of a guy. It happened in high school. Our town had, and still has, a large proportion of Indian families. Usually the parents are from India and the kids are American-born. That was the case with Veer when I met him.

Veer is very handsome. He comes from Punjabi stock. He is over 6 feet tall, very athletic and brawny, with a light brown, almond-colored complexion, a Roman nose, high forehead, gorgeously elliptic eyebrows, broad, generous lips and deep, dark bedroom eyes. He is very hairy but embarrassed about his hairiness; in school when I knew him he always wore undershirts and long sleeves to hide the hair, heh heh.

He cultivated a 'tough guy' image and he certainly was one. But.. there were 'stories' going around about things he had done with boys. I was turned on by him even then. Since I was a short white boy, and still am, I dreamed of having to reach up, up, and up to kiss him. Aren't we silly when we're young?

I also wanted to ask him about the stories, but his best buddy, Govind, also WAY over six feet tall and also Punjabi, went with him wherever he went and was also super-tough. I wondered whether they were going out but was too frightened to ask.

We were in an A.P. European History class together and that's where we became friends. I called him Otter not only because of his hairiness but because he had such a boundless enthusiasm for life and learning, like an eager otter. Veer had a stormy relationship with his girlfriend Deeti, also one of my good friends and also in the class. I learned that underneath the tough exterior, Veer could be funny, silly, good-natured, caring, and just plain fun. We were in choir together and I am disabled, so whenever we were in large crowds together, Veer would walk next to me like a bodyguard.

Veer and Deeti were always fighting because Deeti was one of those flashy girls who wanted to be super-popular. At our school, for an Indian girl to be super-popular, she basically had to get rid of the Indian clothes and accent and regrettably a lot of the Indian culture too. She had to just blend in and be another preppy girl. Deeti was a very, very preppy girl who liked a lot of guys and she took it as a personal insult if you happened to mention to her that she was, in fact, Indian.

One day Veer stormed into history class. He had gym class right before history, so he usually showed up hot and sweaty in his gym clothes (no time to change between bells!) He sat next to me and started muttering to me about something that Deeti had done.

I was saying soothing words and patting on the back, you know, the way you do when someone's mad and you're waiting for them to be be done ranting. Suddenly, in mid-rant, he looked me dead in the eyes very clearly and said,

'I have HAD IT with Deeti. I'm not going out with her anymore. And me and Govind, we..' He suddenly looked abashed and stopped, blushing, aware of saying something he maybe should not have.

'No, it's OK..' I told him. 'I, I, I like guys too..' the last part was barely a whisper.

Veer smiled. 'You're all right, you know?' he complimented me.

Then suddenly, he gave me a huge hug, sweat-soaked as he was. And God help me, there was something about the smell of his sweat- the sweetness, the musk, the pungent quality of it, all mixed together- the indescribable MALENESS of his sweat.. Before I could say anything, my body had responded and my dick sprang to attention, rock hard and pencil-straight. I know he felt it, because his eyes widened and he blushed again, and he smiled really big at me, but the teacher asked us a question and we pulled away immediately, hoping no one would see our boners. I went home that night with his smell on me and jerked off furiously, but was too embarrassed and Catholic to say anything about what had happened.

We're both in college now, far away from home and each other. Neither of us have discussed that day. We keep in touch sporadically, but we're not close. We've both come out as gay to our friends and kept it from our families. Veer has found a steady boyfriend, also Indian, perhaps also Punjabi? I know that they are happy. LOL. I remain alone.

But something of my body responded to something of his, and even now, just the memory of his smell is enough to make my muscles clench harder for the orgasm. While writing this story, I became so turned on that I milked my cock countless times, until my cum went from thick to watery. Just the memory of that day makes me, a crippled white guy, wonder what could have been with my handsome Veer.

And as they say in Punjabi, 'Chak De!'



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