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Incest is best

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I am a single woman,living at home with my son.He is 24 years old.I think we always had some feelings that we were attracted to each other.This thing started about two months ago.He was sitting on the couch watching T.V.I came in the room and sat next to him.He was eating popcorn,so I snuggled close to him to share the popcorn.

As the night progressed I would interlock his arm with mine and curl up with my head on his shoulder.I could see he was enjoying the closeness.I know I was.

This went on for days.As we slowly became closer and closer.I think he was looking forward to me sitting with him as much as I was.We would give each other a glance now and then.I would snuggle closer.It was a glance that I could only describe as something lovers would give each other.

As the days went on we got closer.He started to put his arm around my shoulders.From time to time he would give me a small but loving kiss on my head.This was beginning to get me wet.As I could tell he was getting excited if you know what I mean.There was no doubt he was erect.

Every night I was going to my room and taking the edge off.Masturbating.I was usually good to masturbate twice a week.Now it was every night.As I am sure the same was going on in his bedroom.

Anyway Saturday night came around and it was just him and I again.I sat down and asked him if he would like to maybe go out to a bar and have a few drinks.I just have to get ready and we could be off in a half hour.He said yes that sounds like a good idea.He wanted to know if I could wear my green jeans.With that new top I got to match it.(they are tight and show every curve and crack)I replied for you yes I can.

In a short time we arrived at the bar.It was very crowded and loud.I chose this place so we could stand close together and I could put my arms around him.As we stood in the crowd.I felt him for the first time slide his hand down to my ass and cop a feel.I pushed myself closer to him feeling his erection.

As the night went on I asked him why don't we stay a while longer and get a room at the motel across the road.He looked at me and kissed me and said why not??Sounds like a great idea.I think we all knew what I wanted and what he needed too.We both needed relief,there was no denying it.

I told him I had to go to the ladies room.I would call and see about the rooms.Calling I told the clerk I wanted a room with only one bed.We had a few more drinks.Left our car where it was and walked to the motel.

In a short time I do not know who really got things going but we were on the bed together.I did tell him I wanted to take it a little slow if it was OK with him.

We rolled around and kissed.He was a great kisser.OH my god was it good.I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter.I wanted to take care of him first.I love giving pleasure.It is almost as good as getting pleasured.

I started to jerk him off.Kissing my way down to his hairy cock.We looked at each other and somehow he gave me permission to go ahead and orally pleasure him.This was a little more than I had in mind but well OK.I expected him to cum fast.Well he came a little faster than I thought.That was OK.

Now he was going to pleasure me.He kissed me and then worked his way down to my large breast.Sucking my dark large nipples.(OH WAS IT GOOD)He also started kissing his way down to my hairiness. By now my pussy was throbbing with excitement.Telling him.Go ahead eat it.EAT MY PUSSY.He was down there pleasuring me.When he lifted my legs and slid his tongue down a little more to my ass hole.This was the most intense feeling I ever had.His tongue was up inside my asshole.I whispered go ahead.Toss my fucking salad.Between him eating my pussy and tossing my salad.I came strong and hard.

We held on to each other for a while before falling into a great sleep.Waking the next morning I was feeling so good.There was only one thing left to do.I noticed he had a morning woody going on.Well down we go.

At home now we have an open and honest relationship.If anyone of us needs taking care of we take care of what needs to be done.We sleep together about once a week.



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