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In 'The Tomb'

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A close friend of mine had, for about a year, a basement studio apartment with a north exposure in which, if you turned off the lights and closed the window shutters at noon, it was so dark you literally couldn't see your hand in front of your face. Hence, 'The Tomb.'

We had been out with some friends and I decided to spend the night at his place, rather than walking the few miles back to my apartment since the trains had already stopped. It was the middle of the summer, and he didn't have any a.c., so we just lay down on top of his futon in our boxers and talked for awhile. Eventually, we fell asleep. I woke up sometime in the morning with a woodie, as usual, and after feeling my way to the bathroom, took a leak and then turned the light off and made it back to the futon in the pitch dark without killing myself. I crawled back onto the futon and lay down, still mostly hard when my friend rolled over towards me and pretty much put his hand right on my dick. I don't think he intended to and was surprised so I didn't say anything right away. He kept his hand there and I hardened right up. I was embarrassed but also kind of excited and thought I'd better pull away when my friend gave me a squeeze.

'You want me to stop?' he asked.


He reached into my boxers and started to feel me.

'Wait a sec,' I said. I lifted my hips a bit and worked my boxers down my legs, then took them completely off. I was naked. He reached for me again.

'I haven't done this before,' he said.

'I know.' I'd told him before that I'd jerked off with a couple of friends when I was 13-14. I'd never done anthing else. He said he'd never done anything with another guy, but didn't seem to think that my liking what I'd done was any big deal. He held my balls with one hand and started to stroke me with the other.

'Like that?'

It was OK, but I asked him if he had any lube. He let go of me and rummaged around and then said 'hand lotion or KY?'


I heard him squirt some into his hands then he felt around for me and wrapped his fist around me. Now his hand was slippery and felt great. I gasped a little. Again, he held my balls with his other hand and gently began to pump me.

'That's good.'

I hadn't had a girlfriend in almost a year, hadn't had another guy touch me since I was a kid. In just a couple of minutes I started thrusting into his hand. He began to pump me faster and cupped my balls a little more firmly. I lasted a little longer, and warned him before I was going to cum.

'That's ok,' he said.

I hadn't touched him at all, but reached for him as I felt my orgasm start. I slid one hand under him and grabbed his hip with the other, and realized he too, was naked. I pulled him against me and came in his fist as I felt his erection presseing against my stomach. I kept thrusting until I'd stopped coming, and he let go of me just after I'd stopped moving.

'Wow, that was good,' I told him. I caught my breath. 'You want me to do you?'

'Hell yes!'



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