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In the Shower With Roomies Girlfriend

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Just after college I shared a small house with a friend of mine. The house had two bedrooms and one bathroom. The odd thing about the house was that you had to go through my buddy's bedroom to get to the bathroom. This often made for some awkward moments when one of us had a guest over. This story is about one of those moments with my buddy's girlfriend. Maggie was a cute girl with a flirty personality. She had a nice figure and large 34DD breast. She proudly told me her bra size one time during a conversation. Conversations with her were often flirty and filled with innuendoes. She told me stories about going topless on the beaches of Greece and Spain during a semester abroad and some of her sexicpades.

This particular morning I walked through my buddy's bedroom to go take my morning shower and saw that he had already left for work and Maggie was in bed sleeping under the covers, not an uncommon site. I shaved and stepped into the shower and my thoughts quickly turned to Maggie in bed, probably naked. I soaped up my cock and start to pump. I heard a quick tap on the door and the door opening. I heard Maggie say that she needed to pee; she had done this many times before so it was not unusual. The shower/tub had the textured glass that you can only see forms through and from her image it looked as if she might be in the buff. As she sat there she teasingly asked 'what are you doing in there?' I then blurted out the truth, 'fantasizing about you and beating off.' She explaimed; 'really ?!?!'

With that she got up from the toilet and pulled open the shower door. She stood there buck naked staring at my hard-on and said, 'Wow, you weren't kidding'. I told her that I wasn't kidding and continued to stroke myself. Her tits were awesome and she had a very nice bush with just the bikini lines trimmed. She then shocked me by stepping into the shower and saying that she needed a shower and would like to watch. It was obvious that I could not keep my eyes off her amazing mams, so she playfully rubbed them and asked me if I liked them. I wasted no time in reaching out and grabbing a handful of her right tit and wrapped my tongue around her growing nipple. She asked me if I was enjoying myself and said that she knew I checked her out often and that she enjoyed teasing me with glimpses of her cleavage.

I then took the bar of soap, lathered up my hands and start to rub her all over, paying special attention to her tits and ass. She started to play with my cock and balls while I washed her. As I slid behind her I laid my cock between the cheeks of her ass and reached around to grab a tit with my left hand and to rub her pussy with my right. She then took my right hand and guided me to start to rub her pussy lips. So I slipped one then two fingers in to her hole. I continued to rest my cock between her cheeks but tried not to think about it-I wanted to last as long as I could. I continued to hold onto her tit, but I concentrated on driving my fingers deep into her and rubbing her clit. It didn't take too long before she started to buck a little and let out some deep groans. I was throbbing hard, luckily I had not cum.

We spent a few more minutes with me rubbing and groping from behind. She then turned around knelt down and grabbed the soap. She lathered up her boobs and turned the water down to trickle to keep them from being rinsed off. She then wrapped her tits around my cock and started to rubbing them up and down. My poor cock was swallowed up by her huge boobs. After some of the soap slid away she grabbed a bottle of shampoo, squirted a big blob into her hand and grabbed my cock. But instead of pumping it up and down, She slid her hand down from my head to my base and then followed it with her other hand, one after the other. She definitely knew what she was doing! My knees got weak, this pushing motion kept me on the brink of orgasm without cumming. She went fast and slow for what seemed like a very long time.

She then looked up with a teasing smile, stuffed my cock back between her tits, gave me a couple of quick pumps causing me to blow several forceful cumshots onto her boobs. She smiled and asked how that was and I replied that that was the best hand job I ever had. She kept asking me if I was sure as she playfully squeezed and rubbed my now super sensitive cock head. My cock was so sensitive; I could barely stand up as she teased my head. She finally stood back up with my cum still splattered all over her boobs, so I grabbed two handfuls of boob and licked and sucked all the cum off. She definitely enjoyed this as she stuck her own fingers up her puss and came to an orgasm in just seconds. We then proceeded to wash and shampoo each other and took great care to get each other clean. After drying off, I watched her get dressed. She gave me a great kiss as we said our good byes and she said that maybe we could do this again sometime. By the time I got dressed and out the door I was more than hour and half late for work. Oh well.

Happy jack'n and jill'n



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