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In The Pool And Out

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I was sixteen when this happened and had not had many sexual experiences with anyone other than myself. I was on the school swim team which included both males and females.

I was attending my first practice and I was in the boy's locker room changing into my brief racing shorts which I hated that I had to wear them. I changed and got my towel and exited the locker room and into the pool room. Almost everyone was already in the pool exercising and swimming. So I found a lounge chair and slowly removed my towel and walked over to the pool. I stepped into the pool and found some of my friends and swam over to them. We all started talking about all of the hot chicks there were on the swim team this year. We all were pointing and laughing. Some of the girls acted like they were doing the same thing.

Coach came out and blew the whistle and we all gathered. Today was the day that we would all swim and the coach would place us were he thought we needed to be. We were split up in groups and I was in a group with nobody that I really knew. There was one really hot girl that must of had at least a C-size cup. She caught me lookin her down and she just smiled back at me. This got me a little aroused.

Coach had us swim different styles. While I was waiting in line the same girl walked behind me and her hand grazed against my ass. I turned around figuring that someone accidently walked past me but I turned around and it was her. She then turned around and had a big grin on her face. I turned so red. I was getting really hot and knew that I had to ignore it or I would get a hard-on and it is hard to hide that when you have a racing shorts on as you may know.

Thank god I was next in line to go in the pool. I finished my lap and I got out of the pool and she did at the same time. I got an awesome glance at her breast flopping around as she jumped out. There was no stopping it this time. I felt a tingling sensation and I felt my cock get hard. I looked down to see how visible it was and I almost fell over. My cock was very hard and actually so hard that it was sticking out the top of my shorts. I looked up to see if anyone was looking at me and the girl that had touched my ass was staring right at me and its like she was in a trance. I turned around real quick and shoved my dick back down in my trunks. I turned back around and she was gone. So practice went on as usual and nothing more happened between me and her other than a few exchanged smiles.

Practice ended and we were each called to the coach's office seperately to tell us where we would be placed. I was one of the last ones to be called along with my little ass-touching friend. She went first and then I was like the second person after her.

Then I went to the locker room to take a shower. I got into the boy's locker room and no one was in there. So I got my things and went to the shower. Little did I know when I got there that the two locker rooms were joined together by the showers. For some dumb ass reason the girls and boys had to share showers and you would think that there would at least be stalls but there weren't. I walked in the shower and of course with all my luck (ha ha) the girl was already showering. I saw her nice tight ass and my daddy sprung up and out of my shorts again.

There was no way I was going to take a shower in front of this girl. I stood there and watched her for a few seconds and figured what the hell. I got a shower right across from her and took off my shorts making sure I didn't face her. My dick slapped up against my stomach and I knew I had to do something about it. I turned around and glanced at her to see if she had noticed I was there and to my suprise she was turned around facing me with her eyes closed and her finger in her mound. I felt pre-cum oooze out of me as I took a step closer to her. I walked over to her and right as I got to her her eyes opened and she jumped. I smiled and she laughed.

She looked down at my throbbing member and said so you enjoyed your swim. I laughed. I said here let me see that. I removed her finger from her mound and it was soaked. I licked it and she grabbed my dick and started stroking it. I moaned and grabbed her ass. I then penetrated to her mound and felt that she was really wet. I started moving my fingers in and out of her and she started pumping me faster and faster. I whispered in her ear that it was coming and she pumped so hard on me. I took my fingers out of her and grabbed ass and screamed and I came in four shots right on her stomach and her hand. I finished her off and then we showered each other and then left the shower to change. As I walked back to the locker room I got another hard and then passed another guy going to shower and I stuck my cock out and wasn't afraid to show my stuff. Me and that girl had more things happen but that is for later. I guess racing shorts aren't that bad after all!!!



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