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In the Name of Science

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Hmm, how to describe myself? OK, think tall, glasses, brown hair and eyes, pretty (or so I have been told) a little nerdy and slightly awkward in movement.

I managed to leave school a complete virgin. Never even been kissed. But then, I also left with a raft of qualifications and grades that would make your eyes water. Sexually? Well, I used to either ignore it when my body cried out 'Hey! Little help here?' or, very rarely I used to take care of things myself but only to a minimal way. I used to call it 'Rubbin' the nubbin.' and I always felt guilty afterwards.

Then came college. OOOOohhhh BOY! Did I find out what I had been missing. I lost my virginity on Freshers Night to a boy who made my first time a total delight. (It didn't even hurt, although I felt like I was being split in half and I did bleed a bit afterwards) We, that is, said boy and I are now something of an 'item.'

OK, enough with the background. One day, I went into his (ok, OUR) room and found him with my panties in one hand and his cock in the other. He was smelling them and masturbating. Me? I was in total shock. I wasn't cross, it was just outside my frame of reference really. I really HAD lived a very sheltered life. Anyway, after he had come, (IN my panties too!) I got him to tell me what the fascination was. It was simple 'I can smell your pussy on your panties. The scent changes through the month, but it is always that special, intimate scent that is unique to you.' Well, I was so flattered. But as we are both studying medicine, I was also curious. 'Unique to me?' Hmmmm.

So, I told him I didn't mind (in fact, I was hugely flattered) if he used my panties to jack off... a) as long as he let me watch, and b) as long as he still did me as and when I need it, which is pretty much all the time at the moment.

I was with a close friend at uni and I told her what my b/f had been doing. She said 'Why don't you test it....see if he would know your scent from someone else's?' I said 'I can hardly ask someone to lend me their used panties, can I?' Claire smiled, giggled and said 'Hell, use mine!' Well that was easier said than done. Her underwear drawer seemed full of thongs and some that were barely visible to the human eye. Eventually, we hit on the answer. I would buy some more of my usual style and give them, unopened to her.

Well, cut to the chase. She wore my panties for a day and (she later told me) jilled off into them a couple of times too. That night, I got back to the room with Mark who was looking forward to some post-lecture fucking. (GOD, how I have found I LOVE talking dirty too!) Instead I said. 'No. I want to watch you wank into my panties first, then you can fuck me that special way.' (Yes, I have found I like fucking...er...up the ass.) So, I got the panties I had planted and held them to him. 'Hmm still wet. You little slut!' Then he was wanking himself while smelling my panties, which were, in fact, covered in Claire's pussy. Know what? He didn't notice. He was clearly about to come and I caught it on my dress. (He loves cumming on me) Then we got to the main act. While we were doing it Mark said 'I would love to see YOU suck your own panties. I could pretend you were bi!' (OHHHH Shit.....problem!) There was no getting around it though. I would either have to tell him or go through with it. I decided on the latter and was soon surprised to find that I love the scent of another girl....and the taste.

Afterwards... and afterwards means after much longer than usual, Mark leaned over me to get a cigarette and said 'So, whose were they?' The bastard knew all along!

Later, I found out that not only do I enjoy the touch, sight and taste of another woman, I enjoy watching Mark do her too!



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