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In the Desert Rain

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Before I tell you my story, I just wanna say how much I love this site!! I love reading the stories and finding new ways to pleasure myself.
Anyway, this happened in the summer of 2001 when me and my best friend Nicole were on a road trip to Salt Lake City to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I was 18, Nicole was almost 18. We had a couple days, so we decided to check out part of the Dixie National Forest (Southern Utah) that we knew of and camp out in the middle of nowhere just for the hell of it. We were having a good time, and after getting lost a couple times, we found our campsite.
We were just talking about everything, how excited we were about the concert, and how horny we were, of course. I decided to go take a shower since we had one of those little shower things that you hang on a tree. I was getting so wet from thinking about Nicole naked and rubbing my dripping wet pussy. I'm bi, but she isn't, and I LOVED the innocent appeal from her. Of course I wasn't only going to take a shower.. I was really horny and wanted to masturbate so bad. Plus, being outdoors masturbating has always been one of my hottest fantasies. I informed Nicole, and she said she'd just sit in the back of the truck and finish some work she'd been doing.
I went to go set up the little shower contraption in a tree close enough so Nicole could potentially see me, if she looked hard enough. I found a nice little opening that was just perfect, and began to strip naked. I caught Nicole trying to watch me, which immediately turned me on even more. I played it off hoping she'd come join me very soon.
I got myself soaking wet and then just let the water trickle out now. I started rubbing my pussy and clit and oh my god it felt so good. Knowing that Nicole was watching, and just being outdoors, ahhh yummy. It was really cloudy and got a little cold, so my nipples were so hard and protruding. I rubbed my boobs and clit some more feeling better every second. I looked over to see if Nicole was watching, and not only did I find her watching, I saw her staring at me and rubbing her pussy gently through her jeans.
This time I asked her.. 'Nicole.. wanna come over here with me?' She knew I had caught her and was really nervous, you could tell. I told her to come over and get naked and have a little fun. She responded by coming over and just adoring my 34C boobs and shaved pussy. She took off her top to reveal her concealed boobs.. God I was so horny now. I was dying to just masturbate myself to orgasm right there. I told her 'Don't be scared!' and she took off her loose fitting jeans. Nicole was wearing the sexiest thong ever, it was a little see through red one. I went over to her, still completely naked, and kissed her. That seemed to loosen her up a bit. My hand landed on her soft tits, her nipples hard as a rock too. She was definitely the hottest girl I'd ever seen. When we were making out she moved her hand to her pussy and began furiously rubbing over her thong. She was moaning and saying she's never been with a girl before. I told her there's nothing to worry about and convinced her to get completely naked like me, which she did instantly.
We traded spots; her hand on my pussy and mine on hers. It was the sexiest thing ever. I loved having such a sweet succulent pussy right there. We fell to the ground, and now it had started raining real lightly.. just enough to make some mud on the ground where we were. I fingered her to orgasm, she was screaming in ecstasy of it all. She was still going at me, sucking on my nipples, using 2 fingers in my pussy, swirling around my clit and occasionally hitting my g spot. I inched my way down to her soft pussy, and just began licking and sucking, not caring at all what was happening around me. We were both covered in mud now, and I had gotten an orgasm from her rubbing my clit. It was the best orgasm I've ever had, to this day. I ate her out, she managed to cum 2 more times before we were both exhausted. I asked her to return the favor, and she willingly did. Nicole was amazing; especially so considering she'd never done it before. I had another orgasm that was even better than the first. She guided her tongue all around my clit and lips and ohhhh it was so good.
We were exhausted now, and it was about 6:00pm, so we got out of the rain, went in our tent, and took a nap together naked. We woke up again around 10 and fucked a bunch more. I got on top of her and rode her like crazy. I had Nicole positioned perfectly so our pussies would rub against each other. I had 3 more orgasms that night alone, and she had 2.
We did everything imaginable for the rest of the trip. In the hotel room, in the truck, in bathrooms. Wonderful!!!! That was the best experience I've ever had and probably ever will. Nicole and I still fuck around alot and its still amazing. I masturbate to that day all the time and get the best orgasms out of it. I get the feeling she does too.
Soo.. thats my story. Hope you liked it :) Happy masturbating.



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