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In the Classroom and the Bathroom

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I started masturbating at about 14. I remember the day I got my first thong (pink lace)it was two days before my 14th birthday and that was the first time I really felt an urge to get off somehow. I had learned about masturbation by then, and trying it for the first time was SO much better than it sounded. But my most exhilarating experience was in my maths class room, followed later by the school bathroom.

I remember wearing a white shirt with a plaid and very short skirt, hiding a white g-string underneath. I love the feeling of the soft material on my bare ass, so it became a common outfit. Anyway, I was walking down the hall way when I caught a glimpse of the cutest boy in school (who we'll call Matt), even though he was a freshman, he blew away all other under-classman, and a good amount of upper-classmen. Just seeing him made my mind wander, and although it was only a short encounter, it would have a huge impact on the rest of the day.

I got to my maths class and sat down for another boring lecture when my mind continued to wander until it got back to Matt. I thought about him taking me from behind, and how loud I would squeal for his and from my pleasure. My clit began to throb, and having soft material all around my ass and pussy didn't help me stay dry. I grabbed my pencil and started pushing the eraser up and down my slit, until I realized that I was in public, and was being eyed by the kid sitting next to me. However, my realization only made me hornier, as I got extremely turned on by being seen in public. As a reaction to my shock of realization, I thrust the eraser back, and it pushed the thong against my clit. I was so turned on I exploded, and moaned right in the middle of class. My teacher pretended not to notice and I sat through the rest of the day in complete embarrassment in a wet and sticky thong.

When the class ended, I sprinted to the bathroom to compose myself and take off the sticky thong. I ran into a stall and sat down to take off my skirt, when I started thinking about Matt, and some un-finished business. I started fingering my clit in natural circular motions, and the build up increased and increased, until another girl walked into the bathroom and sat down to pee. I peered under the stall divider, and saw that she too was horny, as there was a wet spot on her thong as well. This gave me re-assurance that I wasn't the only horny female in the school. It also turned me on further, and as soon as the girl left I rubbed as hard and fast as I could until I reached a climax of warm, pure ecstasy, and exploded juices with a moan that I assumed could be heard from the next town. I then came back down to earth, and realized I had made a total mess of the stall (my squirt had missed the bowl), and my pussy and strip of hair. I couldn't stop there though, as before I cleaned up, I had to have another round. My clit was still throbbing for attention, so I slid my fingers back inside, and started pumping up and down against my clit. I started rubbing a full oval all around my lips, to feel every part of my aching pussy, as I kept thinking about how Matt would feel if he saw me. I then started thinking out loud, letting out moans, and whimpers that I can usually control. I kept sliding up and down against my clit until the build up began to climax, and I felt the wave hit from head to toe. I shuddered and released a spurt of pee and cum all over the toilet insides and out. My squirt seemed to never end, as my eyes rolled back into my head and I sighed with a tremble as the final waves rolled over. I stared at my still soaked pussy and realized just how much I had released. I had never, and have never, or will ever have a feeling like that again.



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