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In the Car

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I apologize if my story is long. It's still fresh in my memory so I remember a lot of detail.


My girlfriend and I have been together for over four years, since high school. This summer, we decided we needed a little break from each other to just be adults on our own. We are still friends, still love each other, and still hang out in groups with other friends.

A little description, I'm white, 5'9', and quite stocky. She is also white, is 6', Ds, with legs and ass to die for. Lets call her Allison.

So one night, we were hanging out with friends. Everyone was drinking except for Allison. When I got there, they were discussing 'if you had a vagina, what song would it sing'. After a while, and Allison saying hers would sing 'Mr. Lonely', one of our friends told us that we really need to have break up sex. This made things awkward for a little bit, but I said I was down if she was. We had been apart for over a month and we both have needs, and we never did have that one last time. The conversation somewhat changed subjects, but her and I were texting about it. After I sent her a long text of what exactly I wanted to do to her, she grabs my hand, yells 'yolo' and we run out of our friends house.

We get to her car, and are heavily making out against the back when we realize, we ran out so fast that neither of us grabbed our car keys. Between kisses, I say I'll run in to grab her purse and keys. I run in, grab the bag, and turn around to see everyone staring at me. I respond with 'Don't judge me' and run out the house, with their applause following me.

We open up the back doors, flip the back seats forward, and climb into the trunk area. All of this is happening in a very residential neighbourhood, with her interior lights on. We aren't hiding anything. We sit in the back for what seems like forever waiting for the lights to turn off. As they slowly start to dim, I give her a wicked smile, and climb on top of her to continue our making out.

Between kisses me both say how much we've missed each other. My hands are roaming over her entire body, lifting her leg around me, moving up to grab her ass, up farther over he shirt to her breast, and keep going to grab her face.

I break the kiss for second to look in her eyes. She is so beautiful. She smiles, and I begin kissing her again. My hand travels south again to her breasts. I slide it under her shirt to feel them. As I do this we roll over so she is on top of me. We slowly grind, me rock hard between her legs. I left her shirt and undo her bra to get a look at her perfect boobs. My hands rub them for awhile before moving to her ass. She leans forward so I can lick and suck her nipples. She loves when I do that. Her arms wrap around my head. I can feel her fingers running through my hair. She pulls me off her nipple and kisses me hard.

I roll us back onto her back and I settle in beside her. I kiss her hard while my hand slowly moves, brushing past her neck, over her nipple, down her stomach to her pants. I unbutton and unzip her shorts and slide my hand in. I first feel her lacy panties. I've always loved those on her. I rub her over them to begin, but quickly pull my hand up, and then slide it back down into her panties. I'm greeted by her very wet pussy. I slowly slide my finger into her to get it wet, and bring it back up to her clit, spreading her slickness. I then slide my finger back into her, and place my thumb on her clit. Sensing my hand is a little crammed, she lifts her hips and slides her shorts and panties down, leaving her naked from her neck to her knees. I kiss down her neck to resume my tongue work on her nipple. I simultaneously rub her g-spot with my finger, and her clit with my thumb, rubbing slowly as to make this last. She begins to breath more heavily. Her chest rising and falling. Her breaths become whimpers, that grow into soft moans. She is almost there. I steadily speed up everything I'm doing. My tongue, swirling around her nipple. My fingers moving faster. Her hips start to move. Just swivelling around at first, then they lift up a bit. Then more. They rise and fall rhythmically until she takes a deep breath, pushes them forward as far as she can, and holds there. The car is silent. My hand still going to work. I look at her, her mouth wide open, holding her breath, and eyes tightly shut. And then, all at once, she lets a low, quiet moan, her pussy contracts around my finger, her hips drop, and she sharply arches her back. She humps my hand as she cums, contracting around my finger. Her breathing starts to slow down, and after writhing around for a bit, she grabs my hand to pull it out. I slowly massage her clit until she stops moving completely, as if she passed out. A smile breaks out across her face and her eyes slowly open to give me the same wicked smile I gave her. My turn.

She pushes me onto my back and kisses me, while her hand shoots for my belt. She takes it off, undoes my pants and slides them and my underwear off to reveal my 6' penis. Her fingers slide around it and begin slowly stroking. Oh how I had missed her soft hands. She looks deep in my eyes as her hands pick up the pace. I can see her breasts hanging and my hands goes directly do them, but then slide up to grab her face to pull her in for another kiss. She kisses down my neck and begins to bite and suck right under my jaw, leaving a small hickey. She kisses down farther to leave another one on my chest. She knows how much I love those. She starts kissing down my chest and down to my stomach. Her stroking slows down as she approaches the base of my penis. It takes all my strength not to cum right then and there. She sits up with that same beautifully wicked smile and begins stroking me again, and fast.

I look at her, surprised, and tell her 'I'm gonna cum'

Without hesitation, she goes right for the base of my neck and starts sucking and biting again, still stroking me. I grab a shirt I had ready, and explode into it. Her stroking slows down as I cum, but she continues sucking my neck.

She finishes leaving the biggest and darkest hickey of them all, looks at me, and we kiss each other, much more tenderly than before. We lay there for a few minutes, just loving being in each others' arms again. We look at each other, knowing it must end, and kiss.

As we redress, we remind each other that this was a one time thing during our break. We respect each other too much to become friends with benefits. We exit the car and walk back to the party. I kiss her one last time before entering the house to an applause from everyone.



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