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In the Car

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I have always had a good relationship with my mother in law, and we have always been open about sex, masturbation etc. I was helping her move house once, she gave me a drawer full of her underwear and several sex toys to hold. She then proceeded to take all the toys out in front of me trying to make me blush.

A couple of nights ago she had been at our house, I was at work while my wife and mother in law chatted. I agreed to take my mother in law home, I was stood in my kitchen having a cold drink before we left. She came up behind me and put her hands in my front trouser pockets. She asked for my car keys I told her they were in my jacket, she kept her hand there for what seemed like ages. My cock started to get hard, I felt the tip come into contact with her right hand. She pulled away at first, but put her hand back inside the pocket. She then said 'Someone is pleased to see me', and began to stroke my cock, I was now fully erect. She pulled her hands out, slapped me on the arse and told me I should take her home.

Before we left I put a condom on my cock, as we drove my mother in law asked me would I be using my hard cock on her daughter when I got home. I told her I would,s he told me to think of her masturbating on her bed as I had sex with my wife.

I had started wanking with my right hand as I drove, I was stopping every time she looked over at me, in the end I thought what the hell. I started to wank faster and faster, groaning as I came. As I stopped outside her house she leaned over and kissed me, and said 'I enjoyed that but not as much as you did'.

Last night I came home from work my mother in law was there again, she acted as if nothing had happened the other night. She told me I would be driving her home. My wife told her to get a taxi home, but my mother in law insisted I was taking her home. When we came to leave I put on a condom again, before we got into the car I opened my fly, as soon as we got into the car I popped my cock out, so that it was in full view.

I drove very slowly towards her house a journey that should take about 10 minutes. Wanking as I drove, at first she just looked out of her window. When she did look at what I was doing, the look on her face was priceless. She looked away, but looked back straight away. I was too busy at first driving, and wanking to notice but her right hand was between her legs. As we passed a street light I would look between her legs, her hand was moving slowly at first. But as my wanking and breathing got faster so did hers. I drove past where she lived so I could see her cum, I saw her eyes close, her thighs clench several times.

I had stopped wanking by now, I stopped outside her house, she kissed me and went to get out. As she did the interior light came on, my cock still fully erect was still poking out of my trousers. She got back in the car, turned the light on. She told me to cum for her, I rubbed my cock with her face only several inches from it, I came in what have must have been seconds. She kissed me again and got out of the car. I'm looking forward to the next car ride with my mother in law.



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