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In the Car

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It was Friday last week and I was tired. Knock off time was 1700 and at about 1600 I logged on to the Solo Touch site and read some of the stories and then on to 'See My Orgasm' site to have a look around. Well, after 45 minutes of looking and getting more and more turned on, I decided to leave for home and see if my wife would relieve the pressure that was building up.

Anyway, Friday traffic was heavy and I was getting frustrated with the situation and wanting to get home for a bit of fun with the wife. I started to gently rub my cock through my trousers and that is when I got the idea to have a wank in the car, and with the occupants of other cars in such close proximity.

I adjusted my jocks so that my balls and hardening cock were free, well relatively free. I unwound some toilet paper that I keep in the car for emergencies(who does not have a roll in their car)to catch my load, and then unzipped my fly.

The traffic was slow going and it was so thrilling to be playing with my cock and thinking of what I am doing and wondering if anybody knew what I was doing. I was just meters away from other people.

What a rush. I could see several beautiful woman in their cars around me, and it was no problem to include them in my thoughts while playing. I wet my thumb and two fingers and gently rubbed myself till almost on the edge and then I would stop. This carried on for about 20 minutes.

Once clear of the jam, I sped up the action and then would stop just as I was about to unload. I would have to hide my cock whenever I came up to traffic lights and would then start again. It felt so good. I would often look down when on a straight road and see my engorged head poking its way past the zipper(I shave, so no problem with getting anything caught in the zipper)once in the clear of any major traffic, I decided that the time was right to complete the journey that I had started. I covered my bulging hard on(I have a new car)with the tissue and waited till on a straight section of road. I leaned back in the seat and started to pump as if the world was at a end, it did not take long and this amazing feeling took over, all the frustration was gone, all the images of sites I had visited came rushing back and I had the most intense orgasm in my life I did not anticipate the amount of cum and a small amount did leak out and dribble down into my jocks.

I was careful to maintain my direction on the road but I must admit that the car did accelerate for a short while. It was a bit constricted in the car but that made the feeling all the better. I cleaned myself, wrapped the tissue up and re-arranged my know satisfied cock back into place and zipped up. The journey lasted another 10 minutes and when I got home, I carefully left my stained jocks on the floor in the bedroom, knowing my wife would see them and then ask me why they where in that condition. But that is another story for later but let me wet your appetite and say, yes she did find them and yes, she did have a good sniff of the contents. I will definitely try this again in the future and I must keep a few condoms in the car for future emergencies, much better than tissue I would think. I would welcome any feedback on my story.



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