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In the bath with my sister

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I'm glad my sister was the one to bring me to my very first orgasm.


Having shared a bath with my older sister since we were young wasnt anything unusual for us but things change one night when I was 13 and my sister amber was 16.

I was always jealous of Amber because of how big her boobs were, they always looked so perfect about a c cup where mine were still developing and only in the stages of budding about a 32a cup.

Every night I would admire her boobs while we were in the bath and wanted to touch them badly but never really felt comfortable asking if I could touch them.

Mum and dad were out for the night leaving amber to look after me and it came time for our bath and I just couldn't wait to see her boobs. Amber ran the bath and than we both took off our clothes and got it.

Just sitting there and looking at her boobs but this time I looked to long and Amber asked why I was staring at her boobs and I told her that I'd wish mine were that big and she told me they will be when I got older.

I finally got the courage to ask her if I could touch them and to my surprise she said I could. I reached out and grabbed them giving them a good feel and I knew I had to have a feel of her nipples so I gave each of her nipples a little pinch.

She let out a little moan and I pulled away thinking I may have hurt her but she told me that I didn't and to keep playing with them so I did. It was than I noticed my sisters hand was between her legs playing with her pussy which always seemed nicely trimmed.

I asked her what she was doing and she told me that me playing with her boobs made her horny and she said I'm sure you play with yourself and I said I didn't. She didn't believe me at first but I told her that I honestly didn't.

I asked her what does playing with it do and she told me that it makes you feel really good and that I should try it. I don't know why but my hand went down between my legs to my smooth pussy and I tried copying her but it didn't really seem to be doing anything for me.

She saw that I wasn't really enjoying it and asked me if I wanted her to do it for me and cause I was curious on how it made you feel good I said yes. We got out of the bath and made our way to my sisters room.

When we got in there she told me to take off the towel and lay on her bed and as I did she parted my legs and got between them. First she lightly ran her finger up and down my little slit before pulling my pussy apart and licking her finger and rubbing this little button think that send shocks right through my body. Later found it it was called a clit.

As I was just baring her rubbing as it was making my body just shudder she stopped and licked her finger again leaving a little spit on it and placed her finger at my hole and slowly started rubbing around it in circles before it slipped in. I jumped, I told her to stop cause it didn't feel right but amber told me to relax.

She ended up wriggling her finger up to her first knuckle and slowly started moving it inside of me and that's when I started feeling wet between my legs but it was starting to feel to good to ask questions. She told me to play and pinch my nipples and when I did it sent what felt like electric shocks down to my pussy making this feel a lot more better.

So hear I was for the first time with my sisters finger in me to what I later learnt was masturbating and building up to my first orgasm as I played with my nipples. My sister than used her other hand to rub my clit and when she did I begged her to stop cause it really felt like I was going to pee but she just to me to settle down and enjoy it.

A moment later I started moving my hips with the movement of my sisters finger, my butt lifted up of the bed, my back was arched and I was squeezing my budding boobs pretty hard before my young body began to shake my pussy began to contract tight around my sisters finger and for the first time ever I had my very first orgasm and it was the best feeling ever just like my sister said.

My sister lay down beside me and spread her legs as I rolled on my side and played with her boobs, pinched her nipples as she brought herself to an orgasm of her own. The look on her face was like she just had her best orgasm and as her fingers left her pussy she brought them up and stuck them in her mouth and licked them and I asked why she did that and she said it tasted good but I didnt believe her.

For the first time my sister grabbed my hand and told me to stick 2 fingers out and as I did that she put them inside her pussy, it felt so warm and yet so slimy. She than pulled them out and told me to taste them and I don't know why but I did and she was right it did taste nice.

After we done, as we didn't bath ourselves before hand we went for another bath. Before we washed ourselves we talked about what had happened and stuff and really I couldn't wait to do it again. We bathed got out and hung out in the lounge room and watched tv.

As we went to bed Amber went to masturbate me again but I was feeling a little sore there so to repay my sister for the most amazing night ever she showed me how to finger her and I brought her to an orgasm and after I tasted her again then she kissed me on the cheek and we went to sleep.



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