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In Our Fraternity Room

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This story happened back when I was 19 and in my second year of college. I had just moved back in to the fraternity after summer break and learned my two roomates were good friends of mine I had pledged with. Scott and Kam were two great guys and all of us got along as roomates. We were so comfortable with each other we hardly wore anything but our underwear when we studied it was still so hot coming off summer. Scott had a short hard compact body and an excellent ass I always admired when he would walk by me in his tight white jockeys. Kam was taller and not as muscular but his dick made his bikini briefs looked stuffed, when he would get naked to take showers his cock had to be 6' soft. I was in good shape and liked showing off my body to the other guys. One night it was late and we had all had enough of studying and we were sitting around just sweating from the heat in the room when Kam suggested we get completely naked. Scott and I pulled up our two chairs so we were in a circle and slide our underwear down. I looked at Kam's dick and it was snaking it's way up his thigh growing even more as it moved closer to be erect. I asked Kam how big his dick got when he had a hardon. He said it got close to 9' long and it was well on it's way. Scott and I scooted our chairs closer together and stroked our dicks till we were both hard as a rock. Kam was now stroking his long hard dick as Scott and I did the same. Scott's dick was about 6' long and looked perfect with a fat head, my hardon was 7' long and leaking precome fast making it easier to stroke my dick. Scott reached over and ran his hand over my thigh and then cupped my balls as I stoked faster, I couldn't believe we had moved so fast to this next level. I reached over and tweaked and twisted his hard tits and then ran my hand down to his hard cock and replaced his hand with mine. His dick felt so good and hot in my hand as I stroked him faster, concentrating on just the head. Kam stood up and walked over so he stood right in front of us stroking that huge dick just inches away from our faces. Scott grabbed my dick and pumped me as I pumped him faster, with my right hand I reached up and cupped Kam's hairless balls and rolled them around in my hand then moved up and squezzed all sorts of precome out of big 9' dick. We were all breathing faster and faster and pumped each other dicks faster. Scott reached up and moved his hand up and down Kam's big penis with me, that was all it took though. Kam's thrust his hips forward and let fly a big load of come that sailed through the air and hit first me on the chest them Scott. He kept shooting and shooting all over us and that's all it took for the two of us to pump our loads all over each other's hands. We moaned and shot cum everywhere. Our stomachs and chests were covered with each others jism. I took my fingers and sucked my come off of them and looked at Kam's still hard dick right in front of me and pulled the head down with my hand till it was level with my mouth and tounged off the remaining cum. This sent us off again sucking each other off to our second round. We had a great year that year as roomates



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