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In Orlando With My Brother

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My mom had a weekend conference to go to in Orlando and she thought it would be a good idea if dad and my brother and I went with her. The plan was for the rest of us to go to Disney World and Universal Studios while she was conferencing.

Before we left mum asked Luke and I if we were happy to share a room at the hotel or if we would prefer if I stayed in her room and Luke shared with dad. It was the first time she gave us that option, usually we had to share a room but this was the first time for more than a year that we had been away together and I guess mom was thinking we may not want to share a room anymore.

Both Luke and I told mom that we didn't have a problem being in the same room together. I actually thought that I would rather be in a room with Luke than mom and I think Luke thought the same about sharing with dad.

We flew to Orlando on the Friday evening. The weather was so hot down there.

Our family is fairly conservative. Luke and I have never seen each other naked, at least not since we were little kids, and sex is never a subject that is talked about in our house.

When we stay in a hotel, Luke and I always go into the bathroom to get undressed which is what we did after checking into our room at Orlando.

Both Luke and I were wearing short pyjamas, Luke only brought the bottoms. Our nightwear was almost inappropriate, because the air conditioning was turned down so low the room was freezing, so before getting into bed, Luke turned the temperature up.

I woke up in the middle of the night and kicked off the blankets because the room had become too hot. Luke had obviously turned the air conditioner up too much. At about 6:30am I was awake. The morning light was streaming in through the open curtains. I looked over to Luke who had also kicked off his blankets and sheets and my eyes almost popped out of my head. His dick was sticking up inside his pyjama pants like a tent pole.

I lay there staring at him for ages until eventually he opened his eyes. He turned his head and looked over at me then suddenly realized he had an erection. He quickly turned over away from me and pulled up the sheets and I asked him what he was dreaming about and started to laugh. He didn't answer me at first and then eventually said he wasn't dreaming about anything, and told me that that happens to every guy first thing in the morning.

He then got up from the other side of his bed and went to the bathroom. The bathroom was on his side of the room. I heard him have a pee and when he came out his erection was gone. He climbed back into bed and was looking really embarrassed.

I was already feeling horny before I saw his hard-on and that made it even worse. I masturbated most days, sometimes more than once, and I knew it was going to be hard to find some privacy to do it during this weekend.

I asked Luke if he wanted to have a shower first because I was going to be a while in the bathroom. I told him I needed to shave my legs. That wasn't true; I had shaved just before we left for the airport the night before. I had planned to use that extra time in the bathroom to take care of my little problem.

Luke agreed, but I ended up not needing the extra time in the shower, because while he was taking his shower I did the deed in bed.

We had a great day at Disney World and then had dinner with mom at the hotel. All day though, I couldn't get the image of Luke's erection out of my mind. I had decided to ask him more about it when we were in our room.

Luke and I had got ready for bed and were just lying there with the lights still on playing with our phones. I looked over to him and asked him if he was still embarrassed about having a hard-on that morning. He told me he didn't want to talk about it. I asked him why not and he said how you would like it if you woke up with a wet patch between your legs and I wanted you to talk about it. I told him I wouldn't mind. That seemed to get his attention. After saying nothing for a couple of minutes he said he thinks he is over the embarrassment.

We had never talked about anything like this before.

I asked him if it hurts when he gets an erection in his pants and he said it doesn't hurt but it can feel a bit uncomfortable sometimes. I also asked him if his erection doesn't go down, does he need to wank-off to get rid of it. He sat up in bed and looked startled at me and asked me why all the questions about his dick. I told him that I didn't know much about dicks and was curious. He told me to get a boyfriend and find out for myself.

After a couple more minutes I noticed he put his knees up and pulled the sheets over himself. I wondered whether our conversation might be causing him to get another hard-on. After a short time more he looked back at me again and asked me what I wanted to know. I said everything really.

He told me how most of the time his dick was soft but if he was thinking about a sexy girl or watching sex or nudity on TV his dick sometimes got hard and it was usually always hard in the morning when he woke up. I asked him if he played with it much and again he looked startled. He didn't answer the question; instead he asked me if I played with myself.

Although I felt nervous about answering Luke's question truthfully, I was enjoying venturing into uncharted territory with him and decided to tell him all. I told him that I play with myself most days. His eyes almost fell out of his head. He asked me where I did it and I said mostly in bed. He then said, it is really weird having this conversation with his sister but seen as we have gone this far, and then he began to tell me exactly what he gets up to.

Luke told me that he masturbates virtually every time he has a shower and often in bed at night.

I could tell that I was now really wet between the legs and asked Luke if our conversation was getting him hard. He said he was really hard and I asked him to show me. He reluctantly pulled the sheets off of himself and straightened his legs. His dick was sticking up in his shorts the same as it had that morning. I said wow. He went to pull the sheets back over and I asked him not to.

I then nervously asked Luke if he would let me see his dick and he said he wasn't sure. I said, Please! Eventually he stuck his thumbs down the edges of his shorts but just lay there. He said this is the weirdest thing he had ever done, showing his dick to his sister. In actual fact we had done it before but I was only about five or six at the time. I was now sitting up in bed and staring at him in anticipation that he was going to do it. Finally he let out a big sigh and pulled his shorts down to his thighs. His super hard dick sprung up to attention. I felt a strange tingling between my legs like I was about to have an orgasm and was dying to touch myself.

He was looking very sheepish and was about to pull his shorts back up but I asked him not to. I asked him if he wanted to look at me and he said yeah. I turned to face him, putting my feet on the floor and undid my pyjama pants. Now he was staring at me. I realized what he felt like; it was really difficult to expose myself in front of my brother I had to force myself to do it. As soon as I did the tingling feeling returned.

Luke's jaw dropped.

I looked down at the crotch of my pants and it was clearly soaked. I then asked Luke if he wanted to watch me masturbate. He said are you kidding, of course I would. I first removed my pants completely and then asked Luke if he wanted me to take off my top. He said, what do you reckon. I was now lying across my bed completely naked and very wet. I started by putting my finger into myself to get it wet, removed it and began twirling it around my clit. Luke turned to face me and grabbed hold of his dick and began to stroke it. That was too much for me to bear and I orgasmed immediately. Luke followed shortly afterwards. It was the first time I had seen semen. He had big globs of it on his stomach, hand and in his pubes.

A short time after we watched each other masturbate again.

We did it again in the morning and I watched Luke do it for the second time while he had his shower.

During the first week back home we watched each other do it several times but I then got my period. We haven't done it since then but I am sure we will again soon.



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