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In My Backyard

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My next door neighbor is the true 'girl next door.' She's very pretty, very sweet and charming, innocent, but very sexy. I decided that one night, at about 10 or 11, I would masturbate in the middle of my back yard. I have a tall wooden fence, but her bedroom window is above it, so she can see into my yard. Now, I also like to cross dress, so I put on a sexy, lacy, silk night gown, grabbed a blanket and spread it out on the grass. I got a couple of pillows and laid them down, then draped a large piece of satin on top. I got down on my hands and knees, pulled up my nightgown, and started humping gently, making myself very stiff and hard.

I started moaning almost immediately! The moon was about half full and was high in the sky, so my yard was lit up pretty well. I'm sure I was quite visible! As I rocked softly, I could look out across my yard and my back was to her window, so I had to look over my shoulder to see her window as I humped my pillows. Her light had gone on and off a couple of times. I masturbated gently for about 15 minutes, rocking softly against the satin and the pillows, hardly able to contain myself because the situation was so risky and dangerous and I was incredibly turned on by it. What would she say, what would she do if she saw me? I imagined she would want to watch. I imagined that she would come out her back door and up to the fence that separated our yards and just let me know that she was watching me through the fence and that she was enjoying the show. As those thoughts flashed through my mind, I began to feel the rush of a strong orgasm building deep within me. I moaned, certainly loudly enough to be heard by any neighbor who was outside. I thought how that might attract attention, but it only made me moan again in ecstasy, even more loudly.

A few more moans like that made me come to a full, rich orgasm, my penis throbbing and throbbing, my cum squirting and gushing onto the satin-covered pillows underneath me. I collapsed onto them, thrusting my pelvis into them repeatedly as the aftershocks coursed through my body. I gasped as my breath was taken away by the intensity of what I had just done. I looked over my shoulder to my neighbor's window. The light was off now. Did her curtain move? It was hard to tell, but I hoped it had. I got up on my knees, took the satin and wiped my sticky mess off my groin and belly from where I had lay in it. I stood up, letting my silk gown back down. Her light was on again! I gathered up my things and went inside.

The next day, we were both arriving home from errands at the same time. We got out of our cars and walked toward each other and chatted for a few minutes. I couldn't tell if she knew what I had done the night before but, if she did, she didn't act as though she had been repulsed by it. I think I will do it again some night when she has her girlfriends over; they like to sit out on the patio and drink wine.



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