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In Front of Wife

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I have been an avid masturbator since aged about 13 or 14. Never having been told anything about sex, I did not even know what my first hard on was and was scared as hell. Then, one day I just kept rubbing it, probably because it felt good, and I felt like I was going to pee but much better. Then I came and came and could not believe how good it was and that was the beginning of a daily exercise.

I would find myself masturbating anytime I could, in the bathroom all hours of the day or night, when I took my mother shopping while she was in the store I would j/o in the car, at work out in the field, dropping my pants and just stroking away. I have probably averaged masturbating twice a day since then, enjoying every minute of it.

Now, much much older, and still horny as hell, I find my wife is not into sex much so I still jack off whenever I can, hiding it. With the constant sneaking and cheating a quick j/o wasn't much fun but was relief.

Since I keep myself shaved smooth, I shave in the shower, and she would walk in to get ready for work. Since to shave your pubic hair you need to hold your dick I would find myself pulling on my cock while shaving, and her in the bathroom.

Eventually I got bolder and bolder and would actually stroke myself while shaving with her in the room, finally asking her if she would like to watch me cum. At times she would, other times not, but it really did not matter because I finally said I had enough in my mind and would stroke in the shower with the curtain open, jacking off whether she was there or not. What a feeling of relief not to hide it, and to openly play with myself in front of her.

I then got bolder yet, and would openly masturbate anytime I was horny, stripping down, enjoying my erection and stroking in front of her. I would do this watching tv, sitting outside on the deck, or anywhere else I was. What a relief to finally just do it in the open, enjoying it when I wanted to, letting my cock squirt all over. At times she watches, at times helps out and at times just ignores me, but who cares. I get off, my cock feels good, and I am satisfied.

So for all you guys in the closet masturbating, get some balls and take it out in the open, you may be surprized how it is accepted. I mean, let's face it, everyone knows a guy masturbates so why should we have to hide that, or for that matter have to hide a nice hard-on. It is all part of nature, a hard-on is not something to hide or be embarrassed about, nor is stroking and rubbing yourself. If anyone has a problem with it, the problem is with them not accepting a very natural part of their sexuality.

So guys, let it go and you won't believe how it feels to finally show a nice stiff dick and stroke it when you want, good luck and good stroking.



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