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In Class

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Amazing what you can do if ya try!


Oh sure, they tell you all about periods, and trainer bras, but no-one tells you just how horny you will feel as you go through puberty. There were days when I would have leapt into bed with anyone I was that horny!

So as it settled down, I started to feel horny all the time. In class one day, I learned something that the teacher certainly didnt plan. It was the usual boring Latin lesson. Lots of verbs from a dead language! The teacher, though, is nice. Young and really good looking! Of course, married, but I began wondering what he looks like naked and how he fucks his wife. (And whether she satisifies him!) I started feeling that familiar yearning deep inside, my breasts (such as they are 34b... JUST!) started to feel really hard, my nipples stuck out against my bra, and I could feel myself getting wet. I let myself enjoy these feelings while I looked at my teacher. I had imagined him naked and in my bedroom, kneeling up on my bed and using his lovley hands to gently push my knees apart. Thats when I felt my clit actually throbbing. I tried to concentrate on that feeling but it faded away!!! So.. back to the fantasy.... the teacher opening my legs, looking at my pussy and his cock getting closer, closer....the throbbing came back! I wasnt about to let it go so I crossed my legs and squeezed my thigh muscles hard. WOW... the feeling was fantastic. My pussy lips must have been really swollen because the pressure was intense. I started to squeeze rhythmically and at the same time imagined him taking my cherry. I even imagined a stab of pain as he entered me followed by how I would feel stretched and full as he fucked me. Then, .... oh MAN... then... I had an orgasm right there in my seat in class. A full on, nothing held back cum! It was all I could do not to cry out, but my breathing sure let me down. I sighed out loud a couple times and had to cover it by pretending to sneeze. I could feel everything! My pussy contracting, my clit jumping with every squeeze of my thighs, and I knew that I was really really wet. For a moment, I uncrossed my legs. BIG mistake! The scent of my aroused pussy drifted up immediately, and I quickly re-crossed my legs. Fortunately, the end of the class came soon and we all piled out into the hall. From behind me came 'Nice cum Claire?' I turned around and there was my best friend Sarah. I blushed immediately but nodded to her. Sarah smiled and said 'I have to go to the bathroom. See you later.' As she went in, I wondered, just wondered if she was planning to jill off, so I followed. There was only one door shut and it had to be Sarah. I splashed around in the sink making a lot of noise, but listening intently. I thought I could hear a muffled little moan, so I left the tap running and dropped to my knees. I could see Sarah's feet, her blu panties around her ankles, (and BOY were they damp!) Her legs were obviously spread out and even though I couldnt actually see her knees, I guessed they were wide open. Her legs were jiggling a little as she rubbed herself real fast. I wanted to be part of this, so I figured she was listening to see when whoever entered the bathroom after her had left. I shut off the tap, then I opened the bathroom door and let it slam shut. In the total silence that followed, I heard Sarah moan and moan and moan, louder each time before her cum obviously hit and.... 'Ohhhh Claire... yesss... Ohh ohhh suck meeeee!' Sarah had cummed thinking about me! Now I know what I have to do. When she comes over for the next sleepover, i think I may explore some of the wilder fantasies I have when I jill off!

What a wonderful world!



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