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I've heard of 'dogging', but I am not that stupid! The risk of STDs or worse is way too high...although I have learned that I DO like to do some things that are risky. I've read here about outdoor masturbation so, a month ago now, I gave it a go. (I am English, by the way)


I felt horny all day. I usually do mid cycle. For four or five days right between the end of one period and the start of the next, I am horny pretty much 24/7. Not having a partner, I have to rely on myself for much needed relief.

Masturbation at work? Yeah, done that. Masturbation in public? Hmmmm. So I spent the day sitting at my desk, feeling myself get ever wetter and knowing I would have to jill off. I didn't want to do it at work, and was looking forward to a nice night! On the drive home, I could actually smell myself! I drove with my legs apart and tugging my skirt up so that if I glanced down, I could see my panties, and even the dark moist stain.

As I was sitting at traffic lights, I glanced to my right. There was a large tall vehicle next to me and it's passenger was staring right between my legs. That is what gave me the idea. I drove on to a car park I know near where I live. It is high up on the South Downs, and, I gather, late on a Friday or Saturday night, it is a well known dogging location. I sat there in the early evening, knowing that a great deal of sexual activity happens here! I looked around and there were discarded (and used) condoms lying around, and there were also one or two pairs of panties!

I pushed my chair back and lowered the backrest. Then I spread my legs as wide as I could get them and masturbated through my panties. I knew, I just KNEW it would be a 'squirty' orgasm, so I left my panties on. Oh, I can't tell you how delicious it felt as it built, and I edged myself until I really didn't know whether I was going to cum or pee myself. Then it hit. FUCK ME did it hit! I felt that moment of unutterable stillness right before and then the orgasm started with me releasing a long jet of girl-cum into my panties. It was a much longer 'jet' than usual when I squirt, and the contractions that went with it were stupendous. I just let it take me.

When I recovered, I was in a mess! I peeled my panties off and not only was the crotch white with a days worth of cunt cream, but they were now soaked with my ejaculate. It was pointles trying to clean myself with them, so, I got out of the car, skirt still up around my waist and put my panties with one of the other pairs on the ground. I hope someone found them that night. Maybe right now, they are in someones hand pressed against their face.

I drove home with my skirt up. I felt a dreadful flirt, and really slutty. Once home, I dared myself to make the short walk up my garden path with my ass and pussy exposed. It was almost dusk, so I guessed there wouldn't be much risk. I was about half way to the door when the teenage son of my neighbour just said 'Hi Sarah...OH MY GOD!' and I saw his red face. I had the courage to say 'Hi Stevie. Well, now you have seen a girl's pussy. Like it?' He nodded. I said 'I've just been for the most glorious wank... I suggest you do the same eh?' Again he nodded. 'One day, I may even help you.' Then I scuttled indoors amazed at my own cheek. I leaned against my back door and jilled off standing up thinking of Stevie whacking one off next door thinking about jamming his cock into my cunt. (I have since realised that I would let him!) Cumming standing up is a different world, isn't it?

FOOTNOTE. Since then, I got the opportunity to talk to Stevie and I wanted to apologise to him for letting him see my like that. I asked if he did jack off, and he said that he did. Then he said, 'I was imagining what you smelt like.' I got the idea that, well, he just isn't ready for fucking just yet, but that he is interested in how girls smell, as he rather sweetly put it 'Down in that secret place'. A little more conversation revealed his own 'secret'. He had used a pair of his sister's panties to find out. I told him that was not a good idea, and anyway, a girls scent on her panties is different from the real thing. And, well, I let him smell my panties....and then me so he knew the difference. Of course, I ended up jacking him off and he fingered me. When he is ready, maybe I will be his first!



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