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I'm 18 and Addicted

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Ok, here's the deal. I was quite a late starter. I didn't get my periods until I was nearly 15, but have been masturbating since around 14. The thing is, my desires have taken a rather strange turn.


It all started about six months ago when my asshole kid brother started into puberty. Suddenly he was like nine feet tall and had started shaving and all that shit. His voice dropped into his shoes and he started to put on some muscle. I guessed he was jacking off too because I used to hear grunting and stuff from his room sometimes. Mom also had to have a talk with him a few weeks ago. She later told me she had walked in on him jacking off and told him it was ok to do it but he needed to lock his door. Then she went in at me telling me that if I did it, that was cool, but I should lock my door and not let my brother see me wearing next to nothing.

Shit it was embarrassing though! Anyway, shortly after that I found that my panties were missing from the laundry. In fact mom asked me if I was wearing the same pair two days at a time! Then one night I suddenly thought..... The prick was using them to help him cum. So I decided I would find out. Our rooms back onto each other and there is a closed door in my room that has an airvent in it and I found I could see into his room and onto his bed. So for a couple of nights, I spied on him. Sure enough, he had taken my panties and was lying naked on his bed. He smelt them and then got stiff and started to jack off. He seemed to like my scent. (OK I kinda enjoyed the power my body was having on him) but when he cummed, he snatched my panties from his face and shot his load into the crotch. I suddenly knew why mom was looking odd at me lately. She had found the sperm on my panties and thought I was having sex. Still she didn't make anything of it so I guess she trusts me that if I am, (I'm not, but GOD I wish I was) then I am being sensible with it.

Anyway, I saw him get out of bed and heard him go to the bathroom. When he went back to his room I went in the bathroom and got my panties back. They were warm and sticky with his cum but what really hit me was the scent of it. OH MY GOD, I LOVE the smell of sperm! I had to go back to my room and masturbate of course. Since then I am like totally addicted to the stuff. I feel kinda invaded that my brother is using my panties, it's kinda sick I guess, but then again, I love the sperm he leaves there. I smell it, lick it, rub it into my breasts and the absolute best is when he has cum so much I can push it in me. (I'm on the pill so no worries on that score)

I have found that I am masturbating more and more and with such awesome fantasies. No, I DO NOT fantasise about my brother fucking me, but I do like to go to college with sperm in me. I know that I am going to get myself laid real soon and I know the guy I want to be my first. He is way way older than me, but I figure he won't blab it around. I sure hope I can make it come true.



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