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If Mom Only Knew

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'Aunt' Barb was my mom's life long friend. This happened one morning when I went to her house to do yard work for her.


A buddy told me about Solo Touch a month ago. I've been reading the stories which reminds me of what happened to me when I was 16. I just have to write about it. Sure a good thing my mom doesn't know about this.

Mom's life long friend's name is Barbara and I've always known her as Aunt Barb although she isn't really my aunt. It was during the summer and I'd sometimes be sent over to Aunt Barbs house to help her with different chores and make a few bucks. I went over on this one morning to mow her lawns.

When I got to her house, she called for me to come on in when I knocked on the door. She said to go sit in the kitchen and she would be with me in a minute. I went and sat at the table. Aunt Barb would fix me some breakfast all the time. Then, it happened. In walked Aunt Barb but on this morning she did something different.

She was wearing nothing but her bra and panties! Aunt Barb was around my mom's age which was 37. She had always really taken care of herself and had the body of a 20 year old. Here I was a 16 year old boy with this beautiful half naked woman in the same room with me. You can imagine the effect it had on me and it did. I instantly got a big boner in my shorts. She went straight for the pantry to get some cereal as I sat looking at her fantastic ass and the back of her beautiful legs. She then got bowls and milk and sat next to me at the table.

She poured out the cereal and milk and then sat facing me eating with her legs crossed. I could hardly keep my eyes off of her. We ate our food and then sat talking. This was when Aunt Barb made her move. Like I said, I got an erection the instant I saw her and needless to say I was still hard as a rock. I was wearing these cut off blue jeans that day. Aunt Barb pointed at my bulge in those old jeans asking 'What do we have there'? I turned several shades of red. She said 'Did I get you like that'? I just shook my head yes. She then said 'We need to take care of that now, don't we'? She told me to stand and she started undoing my shorts.

She said 'Don't be shy now. Remember, I've seen everything before when I use to change your diapers'. I was so excited at what was going on that I didn't say a word. Here, this beautiful woman was just about to see my privates. I wasn't about to say anything. She then pulled my shorts down. She then said 'My, my. How we've grown' while looking at my erection. She then took it in her hand slowly stroking it. The feelings I was feeling was fantastic. She then said 'I know what you'd like' and she reached back and unhooked her bra. Her tits were absolutely beautiful. She kneeled down while holding my dick and rubbed it against her tits. They felt so good against my dick. She then started slowly stroking it again as she kept rubbing it against her tits. I told her 'Ahhh, you better stop, Aunt Barb'. She just kept it up and I lasted probably three more seconds before I started shooting my cum on her tits. Aunt Barb I know knew this was coming as many men as she'd been around.

After this, I was wanting to go to Aunt Barb's all the time. Every time I went over Aunt Barb would stroke me off on different parts of her soft body. I wanted to get into her pussy but she wouldn't allow this with me but I never complained. I was perfectly happy with the hand jobs and the feel of her body to add to the pleasure. I ended up with a girlfriend and this was when my visits to Aunt Barb's house ended. But, I'll never forget them.



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