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I Wasn't the Only One, Either

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I liked the story called 'I wasn't the only one' posted the other day. It was so much like an experience I had that it was almost spooky. The difference was that I was the one who was caught in the act.
I had been masturbating since an early age, probably 5 or 6. I discovered it by noticing it felt good to rub my crotch on things, like my bed, pillow, teddy bear, etc. My little dry orgasms were a big part of my life -- I loved to do it whenever and wherever I could. But I was very shy about anyone seeing me do it since I didn't think other boys could do that trick, and since it involved my penis, I somehow knew it was a very private thing to do.
When I was 13 my younger cousin came to stay with us for a couple of weeks in the summer. He was probably 11, and slept in my double bed with me. I didn't mind that; he was a cute kid, and I enjoyed having him around. But it made it hard to masturbate. In fact it was so hard that I went the whole first week without doing it. Finally one night I was so horny that I just had to do it. I waited until I was sure he was asleep, and pulled down the sheet, pulled down my underwear, and went to it, using the fist method.
I found it exciting to look at my cousin's nearly naked body laying next to me. He was slim and well proportioned, and I could clearly see the outline of his penis in his tighty whities. As I jacked off, I looked at him. When I was close to cumming, I noticed he was getting a boner because his underpants were starting to tent a little. But then it hit, and I orgasmed, and it felt too good to try to stop or hide what I was doing. I spurted all over my stomach, and it felt really good.
It took me a minute to come down off my high enough to look over to see if my cousin was awake, and sure enough, he was looking at me with wide eyes. I quickly pulled the sheet up in a panic, but of course he had already seen me.
He asked me what I had been doing. I don't remember what I said, but it didn't satisfy his curiosity. He kept asking questions. Meanwhile the cum was running down my side and feeling uncomfortable because it was getting cold. He suddenly reached out and pulled back the sheet to expose me, and asked what the white stuff was. I quickly used my underwear to wipe it up, but then I didn't have anything handy to put on, so I was still naked and exposed.
My cousin just wouldn't give up, so I finally explained what I had been doing and that it felt good. He asked if he could try it, and I said sure, so he pulled his underwear off and started to imitate what I had been doing. He really got into it, and watching him got me hard again, so I started a second round. I was starting to get to the point where I knew an orgasm was coming when he stiffened and let out a little cry, and I could see he was cumming, but a dry one. I shot again, and we lay there smiling at each other.
I was happy to see that other boys could do it too, and it had been fun watching him. He said he really like that and was glad he'd woken up and seen what I was doing.
Well, masturbation was no secret between us from then on. We did it together at least twice a day, more if we could find the opportunity. The best was outside in the sun in a little clearing in the woods not far from my house. We made that our special little spot, and went there often.



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