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I Was At The Masturbate-A-Thon

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The Center for Sex and Culture recently hosted a big event in downtown San Francisco called the Masturbate-a-thon. As soon as I saw the website (still up and unchanged since before the event-www.masturbate-a-thon.com) I knew I had to be there! During the month before the event, I looked forward with greater anticipation than anything I've gone to for years.

The Masturbate-a-thon is like walk-a-thons, swim-a-thons, and so on, with one obvious difference. But, you still get pledges from friends and associates. The funds go to a very good cause-supporting a positive attitude toward sexuality, especially solo sexualty, among all ages. Of course when we all learn this attitude, it will prevent social blunders and worse from excessive horniness, and help people feel good about themselves. But, you're reading SoloTouch-you already know about all that!

So, I talked about it with some trusted friends, and all were very supportive. I started talking about it with less trusted friends, and they turned out to be quite supportive also. I got ten sponsors willing to pay from one cent to one dollar per minute. I warned them that I was into edging, so I could run up quite a bill. The cool thing about gathering these pledges is it opened up some very real and enjoyable conversations, which may even result in some sort of jack and jill parties later on!

Fast forward to the actual evening: About 5pm, there were 20 people there in various states of undress. I was quite nervous, but at the clothing check table, we were all told to take off all our clothes. Fortunately, I wasn't the very first one-that would be embarrasing somehow. I noticed about three men were sitting in comfy chairs or on cushions on the floor already jacking away. But no women... yet.

Around 6pm, I was jacking on a sofa, just sort of idling along. By now, the room was starting to fill up nicely. There were perhaps 60 people, 20 or so being women. Some women were with their boyfriends or husbands, but most seemed unattached. Two or three were remarkably blissed out, rubbing themselves like crazy on the floor, with everyone watching. I was in heaven, just watching, and touching myself. There were like 40 men jerking off at the same time all over the room, in all sorts of ways. I was enjoying seeing everyone-not just the women. Some of the men had remarkably hard hardons! And, many besides me were great edgers. One fellow who was there before me had been in an armchair the whole time, always hard, always casually rubbing. He'd moan from time to time. You've never seen such bliss!

Occassionally someone would ask to touch someone else, and occasionally that would happen, but mostly it was people touching themselves. The monitors-people trained in sex who kept everything within the rules-told us that the occasional touch was OK, but this is really about masturbation.

By now, there were about a hundred people. After awhile, it all really became quite normal-and I was delighted to see it. At one point, I was sitting on the floor in an informal circle of about 8 men talking about old cars while we were all rubbing ourselves. I have to say the memory of that particular scene is one of the fondest of my life so far. I guess I dream of masturbation 'coming out of the closet' like that somehow.

Several hours later: I didn't really set out to break the record for time, but thought I may have a chance. Ultimately, I didn't set the new record. Last year's record was 7.5 hours. I went to about 8 hours, and suddenly as I was watching two women who had formed a friendship and play for a few minutes with a strapon dildo, I ejaculated. (I had had several dry orgasms all evening-I'll tell you more about that skill another time). My monitor asked if I was still good for more. I told her I wasn't sure. But, it was like 2 in the morning, there were only about 12 people left, and the fellow in the armchair was still going strong. I felt sure that if I really tried for the record, it would become like work. Besides, what was the point in being a record holder? So, after just more than 8 hours, I went on home with a warm glow in my heart. I'll be back next year for sure! Hope to see you there!



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