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I Was Amazed by It

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Talking about the first time I did it to a boy (hand job) and seeing the cum shoot out.


Yes; I was 16 when this happened. I was with my boyfriend at his house in his bedroom. It was just after school and I wasn't suppose to be there because he was home alone until his parents got home from work. But, you know how kids are. Just can't behave themselves.

On this one afternoon, we were really with it. We'd started kissing and this didn't help at all. Billy, my boyfriend then, just kept coming back for more. I then saw it in his pants. When I saw this it was easy to see just how sexually aroused he was. I too was feeling it with that feeling of warmth in my pussy.

We broke from a kiss and then Billy stood up. He looked at me and saw me looking stright at that area in his pants. He looked down to see what I was looking at and when he saw it he just said 'see what you've done to me'. I just looked up at him and smiled. Then Billy said 'I sure need to cum now'.

I at first was shocked at him saying this. I knew enough to know what he meant. But, I played ignorant and asked him 'what do you mean'? Billy then said 'you know. I'm sure you've heard of what boys do with it'. I again played dumb and said 'no. Show me'.

Billy just stood there looking at me with a funny look on his face. He then said 'you really want to see it'? I said 'come on. Let me see you do it'. Billy said 'Ok, you asked for it'. He started undoing his belt as I sat and watched. He then undid his pants and dropped them to the floor. All he had on now was his shorts and I could really see how big it was then. Billy then said 'here goes' as he took off his shorts. He just stood in front of me with his penis pointing straight at my face. I was a bit taken back seeing my first hard penis. Billy then wrapped his hand around it and started the stroking motion telling me 'this is how we jerk off'.

Billy then asked 'do you want to try? It would sure feel better if you did it to me'. I asked 'can I'? Billy said, 'sure'. I then put my hand on it like Billy had showed me. Billy then turned sideways telling me 'you don't want to be in front when I cum'. It wasn't long and I soon learn why. Billy went to moving his hips and making some low sounds and then a loud 'ah, yes' as the first stream of the white stuff shot out of his penis. It was soon followed by the second and then the third. I was absolutely amazed at what I was witnessing. The first words out of my mouth to Billy was 'that was amazing'! Billy was now down to these little pumps of cum as it was dripping to the floor. Billy's first words were 'god; that felt good'!

I was then already curious about what it would feel like to have a boy do that while inside my pussy. It was several years later before I finally got to experience this of course with a different boyfriend. But, in between there were lots of hand jobs given to lots of boyfriends and I got to see lots of cum shoot out of them. To this day, I'm still amazed every time I see this.



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