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I Want To Spy on My Husband

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I have a cold that has made me feel miserable. My husband and I have not had sex in days, and the last time we did, I didn't even finish because I was already starting to come down with this cold and felt kind of crappy. I still don't really feel up to having sex, but I am still feeling a bit frisky.

I think maybe tonight I will ask him to jack off for me so I can watch and make myself cum as well. I am sure he would be more than willing. Mutual masturbation is a part of our sex life. I know he does it solo too.

I take showers in the morning, he takes them before bed. So while I am in the shower, quite often he will get the chance to jerk off before getting up. I truly envy him.

Most of the time when I leave the room, he will start off on his stomach, half-turned on his side and rub up against the bed. If it's been a while, he might unintentionally cum this way. He usually only intends to come on mornings after we had sex together. This way I am not as likely to get frustrated waiting for him to be ready for sex again, since I had gotten it recently.

I missed a solo session he had yesterday. He knew I wasn't feeling well, so he decided not to bug me. I on the other hand was quite disappointed.

So anyway, I want him to jerk off for me, maybe tonight.

The thing I'd really like is if he could pretend I wasn't there. I am really turned on by watching a guy stroking himself and getting completely lost in it. I've recently been spending a lot of time on this site and so thinking about masturbation so much has given me the idea to question him about his technique when he is alone. He doesn't use lubricant or anything. It's usually a dry jerk. While still a turn on, I would love to have him put on a real show for me sometime, but not act like he is putting on a show for me, of course.

Our bedroom is quite large. We have a queen-sized bed and a small loveseat in it. Plenty of room. We have the love seat so that we can watch TV without being uncomfortable. I would love for him to sit on the loveseat and pop in a porno tape. We have huge closets. Maybe I could hide in there one day and catch a free show. Anyway, I would have him sit on the love seat, getting all hard watching his Huge Tit videos. He would start squirming after a few minutes, having to adjust the growing bulge in his pants. Eventually it would get so hard that he would have to give it some breathing room. He would undo his belt and unzip his fly, allowing his cock to peek out just over the waistband of his boxer briefs.

He would be rubbing himself through his underwear as he started breathing a little heavier. After a few minutes of this, he would pull down his underwear, letting his cock spring out, fully hard and dripping with pre-cum. He would begin to stroke himself slowly, maybe using lube this time, allowing the pressure to build, teasing himself and stopping when he got too excited. I would want him to get lost in the sensations, slowly building to a spurting climax, watching his face contort in that way that often pushes me over the edge. As I am in my 'hiding spot', hand buried deep in warm, musky moisture, circling my clit ever faster, I come hard while watching the streams of cum shoot out onto his belly and chest, and listening to his soft moans.

As I write this, he is surfing the net for tit videos. Maybe I will have to give him some free live porn instead.



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