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I Thought I'd Never Stop Coming

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A while back I stumbled upon a technique that produces really amazing orgasms. When I'm in the mood, I'll often fire up my laptop and start flipping though porn, just browsing and holding back and eventually finding a luscious vision that inspires me to shoot my load. After a bit of just looking, I'll take my cock out and start stroking it gently on the bottom using just my forefinger, without ever touching the head, leaving my thumb in one place on the top. This gives just enough tickle to get it good and hard and keep it there while I enjoy the pictures and the sensation of having an erection, but not so much stimulation that I'm going to come. Or so I thought.

One day I'd been at this for a while, just sliding my finger up and down the underside of my hard dick, when I started to feel that familiar sensation of warmth and inevitability. I was intrigued, and wanted to see whether I would come if I just continued without ever touching my glans. The orgasm I had was truly incredible. The build up was slow and glorious and the temptation to have at it and pump my cock through my fist was nearly overwhelming, but I kept up with the small motions of my finger while my cock grew harder and harder and the warmth spread out slowly from my groin and I thought my balls would burst. I could feel the pressure building and an orgasm winding up, and just when I couldn't take it anymore, my cock started spasming and shooting what seemed like endless amounts of jizz, contraction after powerful contraction. I was completely overwhelmed and actually wondered what I'd done to myself and whether it was going to stop! Eventually the contractions tapered off, I exhaled, and I was left with a totally satisfied feeling in my cock and balls.

What had caused this sensation? Was it the amount of time I'd gone without an orgasm? The amount of time I spent diddling my cock before shooting? Some extra good porn? No, it was the technique of stroking the bottom of my cock without touching my glans. I can repeat this night after night (I'm better at it now and it doesn't take as long, the orgasms are still great, although the porn still helps), and it seems as if not touching my glans makes my cock more eager to come the next night than if I give myself a standard hand job, which seems to tire it out a bit.

When I want to take it a step further even, which is almost all the time, I pull my parts out the top of my underwear and let the elastic band push my balls up alongside my shaft instead of just letting them hang, which makes it even better.



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