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I Still Can't Believe I Did It

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I am a married man who loves having sex with my wife and quite honestly have not had any feelings for any guys.

Last Friday I followed my normal routine and took my lunch and a newspaper down to the local park. There is this bench that overlooks the river, I just love sitting there and enjoying the view. So there I sat enjoying the world, oblivious to the fact the parking lot was full of men just sitting in their cars (now when I think about it I can't believe how blind I was-the park is an obvious place where guys meet).

So there I am just finished my sandwich and reading the paper when a guy sits beside me. I'm a little peeved, I just wanted to enjoy the view and my paper before heading back to work. To make matters worse he starts to talk to me. I kind of grunt back looking deep into my paper. He does not get it and continues to talk.

I finally give up and face him. He must be about mid 20's very nice looking, and a great big smile on his face. I give in and start to talk back. We talk about the weather, view, complain about work, the town we live in. I find I am actually enjoying his company.

Then I innocently asked what he was doing at the park. At this he slid closer to me, slid his hand on my thigh and said he just wanted to relieve some pressure before he went back to work at which point he laughed. I don't know if I was in shock or what, I did not remove his hand instead I just did a weak laugh. I guess since I did not remove his hand that he assumed I wanted him to do more because he started to rub my crotch. Through my pants I felt his hand lightly rub my balls. My God, I didn't know what was happening or how to react.

All I did know was that my cock was as hard as a rock and that a bulge was quickly building under the other guys pants. His hand moves from my balls to feeling the outline of my hard throbbing cock. All of a sudden a guy walks by, my friends hand jerks away as we pretend nothing is happening, just two guys talking with huge bulges in their pants!!!

Once the guy is gone, my new friend leans over and whispers that he would love to jerk me off, and we should go into the bush. He doesn't even wait for an answer but gets up and walks down a trail into the forest. I still can't believe this but about a minute later I get up and follow him.

I walk into the forest deeper and deeper until I'm getting a little concerned when I see him. I step into a small clearing and there he is, pants and underware pulled down shirt open. Pointing at me is his hard young cock. I just look at it like I'd never seen a cock before. He walks forward and reaches out to my belt buckle. I am frozen so he takes off my belt, pulls down my pants and underware. There is my cock hard and pointing to the sky above.

He whispers in my ear nice and starts to rub me. He holds my balls, tenderly, almost with love, just lightly tickling me on the underside. Then he inches up my cock, full hold with his hand up to my cock head.

As he is doing this I feel his hard member bounce against my leg. I reach out and take hold. He intakes a breath and moans yes, man, jerk me please. So jerk him I do, my hand begins its motion up and down his shaft. He begins on me almost to the same beat.

Our hands are flying on each others cock, he leans in and nibbles on my ear. For the first time I moan, oh god yes, for all the world to hear.

All of a sudden my young friend stops nibbling and tenses up, and it begins, gobs of cum shoot out of this cock. It lands on me, on the ground, on my hand, it seems everywhere. My hands, his cock, everything is a white slick mess.

He does not even stop to catch his breath, his attention falls on me. One hand on my cock the other on my balls. I cannot stand it any longer, I shoot cum, tons of cum. It flew everywhere, I don't think I had this kind of explosion even when I was in my 20s. I'm finally finished and fall back against a tree. If it had not been there I am sure I would have fallen to the ground.

Once I caught my breath I began to realize what had just happened. This guy standing in front of me with the the deflating cock and my cum all over him had just jerked me off. I quickly got dressed thanked him and rushed back to my car.

I sat in my car in shock looking down at my pants that were full of cum stains. I ended up going back to work and slinking into the bathroom to wash out the stains. I was an hour late as I sat in the bathroom trying to dry my pants.

But now here I am, the only thing I can think of is returning to the park. I so much want to jerk off with one of those guys that are sitting in their car. My cock is hard as I write this, so I'm sure one of these days I will have my hand on another guys cock.



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