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I Must Be in Heaven

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I love this man, my guy, more than life itself. We met in the second week of my freshman year and ours was an explosive chemistry right from the beginning.

I was 19 when we met and a virgin. Over a period of time he would come over every night, we would talk, laugh, and he would hold me as he stroked my hair while I slept. In the Spring of my sophomore year one night he woke me, and his cock was hard, I knew right then that he was in need. It was dark in my room but the look in his eyes made me instantly wet. I didn't know what to do because I had never touched a man's cock before. But instead he said to me, 'let me touch you, I want your pussy baby.' I swallowed and just looked at him. He turned my body spoon fasion into his. And he inched his hot fingers between my legs, and slipped just two inside and rubbed my throbbing clit.

'You are so very wet...is that all for me' he groaned. I was so nervous because no man had ever touched me like that. He was an animal in my panties. He stole my own hand and placed it in my panties, so that I could feel my own wetness. I was so shocked by what I felt both the inside and outside of my pussy was soaked. I had no idea it could be like that.

He pulled his finger out and placed it in his mouth and feasted on it as though it were warm honey. I sat up and daringly placed my hand in his pants pulled out his cock and stroked it. He stopped me, pulled my panties completely off, he spreaded my legs as wide as I could stand before I became too shy. With my bare ass on the bed, he looked me in the eyes as used one hand to part my wet lips, and one finger from the other had to furiously rub me. I reached over him and pulled his cock out again. Simutaneously we stroked each other, taking cues from each other. The more he fingered, rubbed and stroked my pussy the harder I pumped his cock. We both came explosively together, with strained cries ripping from our throats. I was in awe of his climaxing cock.

Just as I was beginning to feel shy and shocked by what just happened. He uttered my name on his lips, to get my attention, 'you are beautiful, and your body is hot,' he says with his sexy voice. I grabbed a sheet to cover myself. He yanked them away from me, and gently turned me on my stomach. I was nervous because I didnt know what he was doing, on top of being shy. What was he going to do to me now?

He positioned his body over mine so as not to hurt me. Started kissing my neck, in my spot no less, massaging my breast, and just as I thought I was about to die from pleasure, he slipped his fingers pass my butt cheeks and entered my slippery, drenched pussy from the back. He rubbed me, kissed me, and massaged me. This time my reaction was instanteous. He turned my head as he felt me coming, and he kissed me deeply as my pussy clenched and came explosively all over his fingers.

As he held my hand afterwards he says to me, 'thank you for trusting me to please you...' I thought to myself that I must be in heaven.



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