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I Love Mutual Masturbation 2

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awesome site...thanks guys!


Hey everyone...enjoy this one: so it's been about a year and a couple months since our first experience, through this time, we have jacked about twice, once in my room w/ another friend in the bed not knowing what we were doing on the floor,and another at his house, with another friend on the couch kiddy-corner from ours, not even the slightest clue of the pleasure we were having. So, this happened in August RIGHT BEFORE school started. We were just hanging out, no sleepover...and we were in his jacuzzi hanging out...we had a bowl of watermelon that we had just finished eating...his bowls are cool, the float in the water...so it was floating around, and we started taking turns making the bowl having something to do with sexuality (like shurades), like i put it on top of my head, and said...what am I, and he said 'penis' so forth...So after a while i was like is it time? and he's like maybe, which he says whenever we're in a sexual situation. So he went to turn the lights off so his parents inside couldn't see anything, and when he got up, he turns towards me, and he velcroed up the front of his board shorts, and i was like really? and he just smiled...when he got back, he goes 'give me a second', and he started undoing the velcro and untieing (under water, mind you), and i did the same. then we got within hands distance of eachother while sittin in the jacuzzi...still under water (ofcourse just our torso down) and started feeling eachother up in the crotch area...his dick was soooo nice all soft-but hard at the same time (and cut- probably about 5-5.5in. and a smaller girth...yumm), and he felt mine (uncut, about the same length, mine wider than his). Then after a while of a little whacking, i'm like..hey my dad's gotta pick me up soon, and he goes, wanna cum here, and in my room, we can cum twice, and i'm like...dude, i came earlier today i don't know if i will be able to...so then we dried up, and went up to his room to finish what we started.

We went into his walk in closet, and closed his room door along with the closet door, and my piano keyboard was against the door from anyone possibly barging in. So then, we only had a mini disco ball on, which unfortunetly didn't give me much light to see his awesome prick. so we just jacked eachother off at the same time, but becuase it's hard to both jack at the same time, and being that we're both left handed doesn't work out too well, so he goes, just jack me first, and i didn't complain! i started off slow, and he told me to go faster when the time was right, and he came on his wet shirt, and all over my hand...ooo...and then he reached over and started whacking my uncut cock...during this giving eachother pointers on what feels good, becuase of the difference of foreskin. and as for me, i told him when to go SUPER fast...he's probably the best person to jack me off, cuz he knows what i like, and he goes SOOOO FAST when i'm about ready to cum....and he knows when i'm going to too...he's great...and just as clarification, we're totally christian! and would never turn gay...we both love girls like no one's business...haha...anyways, i hope you enjoyed, and HAPY JACKING!!:)



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