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I like To Watch

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I really like to watch other people getting off. Whether it be through sex or masterbation I don't care, I just love watching. The first time I realised this was several years ago. All of my friends used to hang out at Chris's house. His mom was rarely there and even if she was around she was very cool. It was like hanging out with another friend. We would watch movies, joke around, party, whatever.

One night everyone had started to leave because it was getting late. The only people left were me, Chris, and his girlfriend, Amy. Amy was and still is, the last time I saw her, a stunner. She's almost 6 feet tall, long brown hair with an athletic build. We referred to her as 'thick', but she was fit and firm. C cup tits and a great ass. She also had a great set of teeth. Absolutely perfect white smile. I wasn't feeling great and asked if I could stay the night. Chris said, 'Sure, my mom's not coming back you can crash in her room.' His offer didn't matter, though because I passed out on the couch shortly after he said that.

Some time later I woke up to some strange noises. I didn't open my eyes or even let on that I was awake. Then I distincly heard a moan. As discretely as possible I looked over toward the sound and got one hell of a thrill. Amy had her pants off and her shirt pulled up exposing those soft, beautiful tits. Her nipples were a real light pink and about the size of a silver dollar. Chris had his hand down her panties and was slowly rubbing her pussy. I was shocked that they hadn't gone upstairs to this but I sure wasn't complaining. I kept watching, not wanting to spoil the show. He kept rubbing and making circular motions. You could hear the tell tale squishy sounds that told she was wet as hell. Amy reached over and undid Chris's belt, then unbuttoned his jeans. Chris slid his pants off and pulled out what I discovered to be a very big dick. Being as that I'm not gay, I hadn't ever thought about his dick. But even I had to admire this. He was probably 9 inches and thick with a big mushroom head. Amy's hand didn't quite fit around his cock. She licked her hand and started to stroke him from base to tip. Not slow, not fast, but at a steady rhythm. Chris in turn pulled her panties all the way off revealing a beautiful pink shaved pussy. She had thick, pouty lips and her clit was poking out, begging to be played with.

At this stage I couldn't help it. My dick was hard as a rock and dripping precum. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my hard on. Not as big as Chris', I've got an average six incher, medium thickness. I haven't had any complaints, though. They both looked over, alerted to my being awake and thankfully smiled. Using my precum as lube I stroked my cock, matching the pace Amy was using on Chris. I took my pants off and rolled off the couch to come closer to my friends on the floor. Chris stopped rubbing her pussy and instead began shoving his middle and ring finger in and out of her soaking wet pussy. Amy began to breathe heavier, almost panting. I could see sweat forming on her forehead and between her breasts. She couldn't focus on Chris's dick anymore and Chris sped up his pace. She was grunting making noises, 'Ungh, Ungh, Ungh, Yeah' She also started bucking her hips to meet his thrusts. She then made sounds like, 'ooh, oooh, ungh, Oh God!' and came hard. I couldn't hold back any longer and shot a huge string of cum that went further than I expected. It landed partially on her stomach and some on her shirt. The next few ropes landed on the floor between us. The rest ran down my hand. I came a bucket's worth! She leaned forward and kissed Chris while grabbing his still throbbing boner. She stroked him for about a minute or so and shot his cum all up his t-shirt.

We all laughed about it and got something to drink after we cleaned up. It turned out that part of the turn on for them was knowing that I could have woken up at any time. When I did, they just decided to roll with it. Lucky me. We all masterbated together a few more times and moved on to some other things too. It was my first experience that opened me up to my love for voyeurism. Hope you enjoyed it. I'm going to stroke to some of these stories.



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