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I Just Wish I Could Squirt Part Three

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please keep commenting! and keep the advice coming...I still haven't squirted :(


I had the day off of school, and I was feeling really horny. Since my parents were at work,I called my boyfriend to come over. It was my first ime doing anything beyond kissing with a guy and I was really nervous. Not to mention the fact that my boyfriend is 17 and has lots of experience.

I wore jeans, a white tank top, and these black lace underwear. When he got to my house, I was already pretty wet with anticipation. We made out a little downstairs, then I led him up to my room. He'd been asking for a while if he could show me his dick. I was admittedly a little scared, since I had never seen one before. But my curiosity got the best of me, and I agreed. He unzipped his pants, and showed me. He had told me it was big, but I wasn't prepared for just how big it was. 10 inches at least.

After me staring at it for a while, he said, 'You know what this means, don't you?' 'What?' I asked. I've shown you mine, now out have to show me yours.'

I was really scared, no one had ever seen my tits before. They are perky double ds, but I wasn't sure if he would think they were cute or not.

I took my bra off first, then slowly raise my shirt up over it head, so I was topless with my jeans still on. I looked at my boyfriend, and he couldn't talk for a while. His eyes just got really big, and then he said 'Wow, those are amazing.'

He grabbed my by the waist and pulled me toward him, he started kissing my neck and moving slowly down, sucking and nibbling my nipples. He stopped suddenly, then he asked me if I still wanted him to teach me how to masterbate. I said yes, and then we both laid down in my bed.

I was still feeling nervous and shy, so I asked if he could just stick his hand down my pants, instead of me having to take them off. He did that, and quickly found my clit, rubbing it slowly at first. Taking occasional breaks to kiss my neck or to make out.

It felt good, but I wasn't coming. He told me to take my pants all the way off and it would feel a lot better. I was nervous at the prospect of being completely naked, but I did it anyway.

So there I was, lying there naked with my legs spread. He went to the end of my bed so he could see my pussy. It's very small and pink and tight, and I shave it completely. He said it was the cutest he'd ever seen.

He started rubbing my clit again, slowly at first, then faster and faster. I was so wet we could hear sloshing noises as he rubbed faster and faster. He tried fingering me, but I'm so tight he couldn't fit his finger inside, not even his pinky.

He went back to rubbing my clit, the whole time I'm moaning and almost crying it feels so good. He started kissing down my stomach, my inner thighs, closer and closer to my pussy, going faster and harder on my clit. I started to twitch, and then he made me cum so hard, I screamed.

All this had made him really hard and dripping with precum. I asked to see his dick again, and he took it out. Then I asked if I could touch it, and he said I could. First I touched it lightly, rubbing one finger over it, touchin the head lightly. He told me to grab it, and feel how hard it was. I almost couldn't fit my tiny hand all the way around it. I was suprised at how hard it actually was.

I asked him to show me how to stroke it, and he did. He asked if i'd like to try, and I said yes.

I put a little lotion on my hand, and began to stroke, slowly but with a firm grip. I asked him if I was doing it good, and he said yes, I was doing it perfect.

I guess I must have been good, because his head was tipped back and he kept saying, 'Oh, fuck' a lot. I guess I go a little too excited, because I started to do it too fast. He told me to slow down, and I said 'Sorry, it's my first time, I'm just learning!'

I slowed down and he said, 'Youre so innocent,it's fucking hot.'. He asked me to stop, and told me to kneel by the side of the bed while he finished. I watched him cum, and a little squirted in my hair and on my face. I'd never seen anyone cum before, and I was a little shocked by how much there was. After he came, he went to the bathroom. I waited in my room, and when he opened he door, I was still topless. He came over to me and we hugged, my bare breasts pressing against him. We both knew he had to leave, so we wouldn't get caught.

I walked him downstairs, we made out a little, and then he got in his car and left. I can't wait for my next day off!



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