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I Have Hair

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My first fantasy come true.


This friend of my dad's was coming over to stay with us for a few days and bringing his son. When I heard this, I began to wonder if I would be able to see him naked and have some sex play. I was very cautious, though, and was not going to be the initiator. When they got to the house, we were going to go out right away, so the son, who was 15, said he had to change and invited me into the room with him. I was deliberately not looking at him, not wanting to seem like I wanted to see anything, when he says, 'Hey, I have hair!' Then he pulls down his waistband to show me his pubes (nothing else). 'Cool,' I said. Now I knew that the game was on.

After supper that night I suggested that we go for a walk and took him over to the golf course nearby. We laid down on the first hole green and looked up at the sky and talked. All the time I was trying to figure out how to make my move. Then he said he was ready to go. I said, 'Wait!' I told him that I was really surprised that he showed me his hair, but I wanted to see the whole package. He laughed and said, 'I'll show you mine if you show me yours.' I told him that if he would let me take all his clothes off, then he could take all mine off. He agreed.

I started by taking his shoes and socks off, telling him, 'I mean everything.' Then I unbuttoned his shirt and told him to sit up. I took the shirt completely off and told him to lie back down on it. Then I slowly started unbuckling his belt. I was rock hard at this point, not quite believing that this was really happening. I had always fantasized about another guy letting me take off his pants, but had never actually done it. His belt unbuckled, I undid the snap and slowly pulled his zipper down. Now I could feel his hardness for the first time, and I got so excited that I eagerly felt him up. It was awesome! He was so hard, which excited me more. He also felt like he might be bigger than me, which was fine with me. I then pulled his pants all the way off and laid them on his shoes. I went back for his underwear, but felt him up some more first. He just laid there and let me do whatever I wanted. Finally I couldn't wait any longer, so I lifted his waistband over the large bulge and exposed his erection. I just stared at it for a bit, because I wanted to take it all in. Then I pulled his underwear all the way off and put them on his pants. 'OK, you're completely naked out here on the golf course,' I said. 'I Know,' he answered, 'and it feels really good!' I felt him up some more, skin on skin.

'My turn!' he announced. He told me to stand, and he knelt in front of me and went right for my pants. He was as eager to see me as I was to see him. He had my pants and underwear down to my ankles in no time at all and was feeling me up and looking at me real close. 'Nice!' he said. He told me to go ahead and step out of my pants and then he whipped my shirt off over my head.

Now we were both naked with our erections sticking straight up. He laid back down and asked me how far I could shoot. 'Sometimes I hit the mirror in the bathroom,' he said. I had no idea what he was talking about.

'Here, take your hand and stroke me like this,' he said. I was only too happy to do that, and stroked him and played with him. He had his hand on my dick, which felt really good, but he was more focused on his own. After just a minute or so, he said, 'OK, I'm going to shoot now.' And sure enough he started shooting white spurts all over. He got it on his forehead, his neck, his shoulder, his chest. I couldn't believe it! I had never seen anything like that.

'OK, lie down and let's see how far you can shoot!' I was just hoping that I could, but I decided to let him try. He started stroking my dick, using some of his cum for a lubricant. It felt intensely pleasurable and I felt like screaming. Before I knew it, I started gushing just like he had. My furthest shot hit my neck, but it was so intense that I stopped breathing for a few seconds.

'I'm really glad you came,' I grinned at him and laughed at my double meaning.

The next few days we looked for any and every opportunity to get away somewhere and give each other hand jobs or just jerk together. When we went to the beach, we swam out to a small boat and went around to the far side. Then, while he held on to the side of the boat, I took his swimsuit off and played with his dick in the water. He didn't come, but it was fun. Then we switched and he played with my dick.

After they were gone, I went back to the golf course, took off all my clothes and masturbated into the hole, thinking about watching my naked friend shoot his load.



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