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I Hate My Brother

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I totally hate my brother! He is the apple of my parents' eye. He can do no wrong and they let him get away with murder... then THIS happens!


'You're not going out like that, Lisa!' 'No, you can't go topless...not even by our own pool'. 'NO you certainly CAN'T go naked by the pool' And so it goes on and on. I can't do anything. Then we have Mikey, my brother. Of course, HE can go topless, AND bottomless in the secluded pool area. He is even allowed to walk to the house for drinks and back totally naked.

He knows how our parents restrict me and are always on at me, and he plays it to the hilt. Last week it really got too much. As if it isn't bad enough seeing him get an all-over tan, and me not being allowed to, Mikey also gets a hard on. Right there, in front of our parents if they happen to be around. Not a word is said. Can you imagine if it was me and I got visibly horny. They would have a hissy-fit.

So, last week they were away (again) at one of their regular meetings trips. Mikey was being a total shit and without them around was parading around the place naked all the time. I spent most of the early part of the week in my room. Then, on Wednesday morning, I came downstairs to find him standing up, stark naked and jacking himself off. He looked at me over his shoulder and smirked. The meaning couldn't have been clearer. 'Look what I am allowed to do that you aren't.' In a moment I felt rage like never before and I launched myself at his back. I knocked him full length on the floor and was slapping his face from side to side using both my hands and calling him all the names I could think of.

At one point I was sitting astride him.(I was fully dressed, skirt, panties, t shirt, bra.) and really hitting him hard. FUCK I was so angry with him! Then, oh, I don't know how, but I was suddenly aware of his penis pressing against my panties..in fact, pressing right opposite my vagina. Suddenly I felt turned on. REALLY turned on. Oh, I carried on slapping him and calling him names, but with each slap he jerked and his cock pressed harder against me. Suddenly, I felt the familiar stirrings of an orgasm and in a heartbeat I was cumming like (and I mean this) I have NEVER cum in my life before. It was magnificent and it just didn't stop. I felt a wave of wetness squirt out of me and it kept coming.

I collapsed on him in a series of moans, then I pulled myself away and ran upstairs slamming my door.

I was in SUCH a mess. Not only were my panties soaked from the inside, but it was clear that Mikey had also cum on them too.

My shit of a brother not only made me lose my temper big time at the unfairness of it all, but he gave me the biggest cum of my life!

I took a long long bath to clean up and think it through. Then I went back downstairs, naked as he was. You know, he was actually scared of me, and bruised around both eyes. He said 'Jeez Lisa. What did we do?' I suddenly saw my chance to get some power over him. 'You nearly fucked your own sister is what.' For the remainder of the week he has treated me with far more respect.

Then on Friday night, he wanted to talk about it. He told me that he could actually feel, to use his words, my 'hole' through my panties and he thought for a moment his cock was really going to slip in me. (Yeah, as if!) I told him that sometimes things happen between siblings and it was no big deal.

The thing is, last night in bed, I got to thinking, would it be so bad if his cock did slip in me? One thing is for sure, I want another cum like that one!



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